There is someone out there hurting right now. You think their is no hope. Many have called you hopeless. You are struggling with addictions. You are wondering where your next meal is going to come from. You believe in your heart, nobody out there in the world can love you.


Today my friend to you I speak. I pray you find the love of Jesus. I pray God comfort your heart. That He give you peace of mind. The Lord wants you to know He sees everything. You are forgivable, you are loved by God.. He wants you to come to Him with your heart, To lean on Him. I pray God give you strength!  Regardless of what people’s religion teach you, or what your friends say about you, or any of that negative stuff. The Lord wants you know, He can change any heart, He can do the impossible. He can help the hopeless and the helpless. So I pray right now whoever reads this, just start praying in your closet when nobody sees you. God sees everything and He knows who you are, your struggles and your needs.


Let the Lord lead you. Let Him embrace you. I can not see who you are, but I invite you to like my page, share it, and visit me often. As long as God allows, and I pray that be a long time, I will write daily wisdom, and knowledge, praise, and worship. We can just keep our eyes on God together, and as we just delight our self in God. Lets pray for God to change us! Have a blessed day dear reader. May the Lord bless your heart, mind, and soul, in Jesus name Amen!  Shalom all God’s people!


This will also be my site to keep up with me. I am not cutting any off, but making myself more available. Have a blessed day! I have a lot of stuff to transfer and what not. God loves you! I pray we just trying loving God! The Lord be with everyone! If you want to see a work in progress feel free to bookmark my page for daily inspiration! Just a warning though, it is under construction. Jesus says follow him! I am just Michelle. Shalom! <3 <3 Let’s keep our eyes on God together!, Keep up with me on facebook (clickable link)


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