How is your heart?

Michelle Stokes

The LORD searches the heart, He sees the thoughts and knows the intents of all men. He sees all deeds, Nothing is hidden from the LORD, No sin left unseen. No deed He does not know of. The LORD knows who will repent and who will not!

So many speak of the SON, yet ignore the Father. The son is not greater then the Father, but they indeed are ONE! The LORD promised He would scatter. He would gather. He would lead the people. He would be their GOD.

His chosen, set apart, separated from the world and He would teach them HIS WORDS and the tablets would be written with in. and nothing could ever separate them! The LORD promised to come in a time of HIS choosing to gather some and cause confusion to others and either way again GOD would lead them. and all people would know GOD is their GOD! To some He would give LIFE to others eternal hell fire, damnation. cast into the lakes of fire!

No man knows the hour! all things have been lost in this world and God has spoken in a time of His choosing all things would be revealed and in that time, God would make it known. the way of the LORD for the LORD would be their Teacher. and their would be no more need for the people to teach them, For they shall know Him!

And my Sheep hear my voice as it is is said in, Ezekiel Chapter 34 and probably through Chapter 37. I say read the whole Book and even the bible whole. Then see Jesus. does John Chapter ten at all look familiar? Ah then there was Isaiah, and Jeremiah and all God’s prophet who spoke the WORD.

And the WORD become flesh and GOD came and nobody knew because just as GOD spoke, things came to be, as it was spoke, as it always is when the LORD speaks. A new thing came to pass as it was written, and so it was.

No man knows the hour for all people have forgotten, again as it was written, so it came to be. The WORD of the LORD is faithful and true, but be cautious for what time is it? How can one tell? How many calendars has there been and are there now even? How many blood moons have came to pass? What season is it? Can anyone tell me what time it is? and in what time zone? on which continent? How many calendars are there? shall we follow the moon and the stars also? Do you know long before men made time, God made men?

has it always been about our hearts? is the full bible about Free will? Do the people have minds to decide? What did God say to Cain? So what makes God’s people different? I do pray many find the mysteries of the Gospel, for they are not mystery at all. There are none so blind as those who do not read. and all are lost if they do not seek with their heart. For God seeks true worshipers and always has. Who will worship the invisible GOD? Who will have faith in the things they can not see? Who will put their trust in the LORD? Who will love the LORD GOD Always? Trust me when I say this world is a test I pray many people choose today what GOD they will serve.. Will it be GOD of the WORD or an image men created?

Will we fight about names? Will we strife with our Creator? These are some things to consider. GOD knows our hearts, my friends, I pray many people’s hearts not be wicked and we keep our eyes on JESUS and in the WORD, For if our eye not be in the WORD, it is in darkness. To be in darkness means you are living in sin.

For as always people are people and when they disobey God just like Adam and Eve they hide them self from GOD. I pray many stop running from the LIGHT so you can taste and see the GOODNESS of GOD!

I pray many people take all things written into consideration, prayer and bible reading for do you know the WORD when you see it? Have a blessed day my friends! God loves people more then they will ever know, God DOES NOT LIKE SIN! GOD is HOLY! and indeed does wish for no man to perish! Selah! Shalom! and GOD bless!

Written by Michelle Stokes,  To GOD be the glory!


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