Homeless people verses bums- Ethics

Michelle Stokes

Homeless people verses bums- Ethics

Now I am not putting everyone in one of these categories, but I am going to state some good morals. When I was a kid My parents drilled it in my head. there was no free rides. My parents made it known how we were privileged they fed us and clothed us and put a roof over our head. and in their house they had rules. NO FREE RIDES!

Over the years I have tried to help people, and I myself have been homeless also. But something I notice about my homelessness compared to others. For I was never without shelter, even though I was homeless. But it seems my mentality is different then a lot and I think it is my upbringing.

I was told if people were kind enough to let you in their house. if you were not paying any money YOU BETTER BE HELPING OUT! Do dishes, offer your services, Clean up after yourself. I have learned in my homeless days this has allowed people to let me stay with them, and instead of being a burden, a lot of times they asked me to stay. Just something I experienced.

Since then I have opened my doors for a few people. But the thing is a few come in your house. Eat your food. Give you a pity party, then you ask them to wash a dish and all of a sudden there is attitudes and what not, then follows well get the out of my house. Seriously! THERE ARE NO FREE RIDES IN THIS WORLD! and if there is free rides you are indeed in fact some type a way a slave.

I don’t want people holding it over my head what you did for me. So please allow me to earn my keep. So many people blaming a lot of people for nobody wanting to help anyone, but the same people claiming these things, are a lot of the people who don’t want to do anything to earn their keep. Just an observation I have seen.

Homeless verses bums. Bums don’t want to work. Sometimes people are homeless due to situations not always in their control. Not all homeless people are bums and not all bums are homeless. A lot of folks pan handling people and if you come from the city you know what this means. it makes it hard for the real people who just need a little help to get the help they need because so many bums taking advantage of everyone.

This message is more for the genuine homeless people. Don’t give up hope if not many want to help you. There are genuine people still left in this world. Just make sure you are doing everything you can do to earn your keep. offer to clean for room and board offer your services and then when you do. Do a good job. Put your heart into it. This inspires people to help you more because they see you are willing to help yourself.

The whole world seems to be tired of people looking for hand outs and honestly with the way the economy is, you can not blame them. I am getting to the point, I don’t want to help bums either, but people willing to put in an effort are getting my efforts.

The Churches barely want to help. Most Christians came to judge not give. So the real people who are out there struggling don’t give up hope. pray and ask God to lead you to a place where you can offer your services or something. it has worked miracles in my life and I pray it help someone out there trying to go forward, in Jesus name Amen!

Anyways if the economy keeps continuing to go as it is going, it is really time to think about saving this message and taking it everywhere you go. Again people are really tired of giving freehand outs. Just a wise thought, I think and again I pray it help anyone. Have a blessed day! I love you guys. God loves us more!

Do you know sloth isn’t very godly. laziness isn’t godly. Food for thought.


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