Holy Spirit convicts!

The Holy Spirit convicts! People can lie and say you can continue in your own ways. But the Holy Spirit convicts! because it is the Spirit of truth and there is no way you can hide from the truth. You can try and run from it. You can try and lie about it. But God does know who is His and who is not. Who will repent and who won’t

If you are being convicted of your sins. There is a mighty hope for you. For that means God is tugging at your heart and He loves you and does notwant you to die. The Holy Spirit is God. It is the truth with in us. It is the good voice with in.

The voice that says them cigarettes are killing me. I am tired of stealing, Why am I lying? This isn’t right. I should not be doing such things. Many will call this a conscience. or a thought but you can trust me when I say it is the God in you trying to wake you up.

Every man is born with some measure of faith. Because every man is born with the Spirit of God with in them. It is what gives us a soul. So it s good to lean on God, but God is indeed the good voice with in us. Jesus helps you come to God, There is no other way. But seriously you can find this in the Word, in Genesis we all have God’s Spirit with in us. it is just a matter of who you are serving.

I do not like to argue the Word and I am not talking about heaven or hell, but LIFE. Jesus came to offer everyone life and life abundantly. God has never wanted people to die. He does not like punishing people. But honestly God’s punishment is life saving, because seriously the more you read the Word, the more you see, God wanted us to live, and truth be told you live a lot longer not sinning.

Sometimes things happen that is not in our understanding, but for the most part. God wants you to live my friends. The price of sin is death. I pray many people find Jesus but in the Word Jesus says I will not charge you for what you do not know. So I say please, to those who want to go forward, Listen to the good voice with in you. Your conscience, and act like you want to live. Draw near to God. God indeed can give people strength to overcome all things.

Get in the Word of God, start praying, You can do it!


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