Hidden garments-Treasured Jewels

Ladies this message is to you and I pray it be a blessing to many. For we are not dirty panties to be tossed on the side. Neither are we wedding dresses to be hung in the closets, to be worn once  and displayed before many and never seen again. .  Something you wear one day and never touch again.


In the Book of Proverbs and even Genesis God made us, we are treasures. God’s greatest gift to man was and is woman.  Each was made to complete each other. Not any two men on earth can make a baby.and all people did come from a woman’s womb.


They say Eve tempted Adam but then that would mean Adam had no mind of his own. So they all sat and pointed blame on another.  Anyways I pray woman out there get some self esteem and stop settling for any old thing that comes along. Recognize and realize the gift you are and then let us put God first and perhaps our families could get some of the help they need.


For God made woman to be a help meet in our time of need. When men fail the wisdom of the woman will lead the people. We are not garments to be hung in a closet. Neither are we slaves and show pieces for our husbands.  I pray many woman out there get some self worth and recognize the treasure they are. I have a message for the men I will write later.  But until then, Ladies lets clean up our dressing and do things to get God’s favor here on earth, Amen!


Written by a true friend who loves people. Time to get in our Word and NOT STAY IGNORANT TO IT!  Let the Word of God be preached all through the Nations and the truth of the WORD WHOLE! Not just bits and pieces AMEN!


Sorry to the men, this message offends for I am told woman should not preach, but long ago men abandoned me and I did marry God and God said SPEAK!  So I will gladly listen to my husband!  Rejoice in the LORD Always! and prepare your hearts WITH THE WHOLE GOSPEL!  For God is NOT SEPARATED! NEITHER IS HE DIVIDED!

God is family and ever since Cain murder Abel there has always been a devil who divides and points fingers. It is the same as in the garden.  Until this day. it is the same!  Time for change my friends!  Change starts WITH IN! I pray many do not reject knowledge but read it WHOLE!  Put the Word of God in our members. Start with reading the bible WHOLE!


For if your eye is tainted so is your whole member. One sided bible reading keeps the people locked in bondage!  LETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY PEOPLEEEEEEEEE GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Also this is not written to step on any toes or bruise people’s ego. but indeed it is time for us to become wise to the WORD!  WISE AS SERPENTS, HARMLESS AS DOVES. PEACE BE UNTO ALL WHO ACCEPT GOD, AND WOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE UNTO THEM WHO REJECT GOD!


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