All over the bible GOD is ONE. So many trying to separate God. I pray many people look at my last three post I will connect later. and add in  Ephesians chapter six and Acts chapter 2 and perhaps start reading your bibles. it is hard to imagine how come we all argue if everyone is reading their WORD?  Truth be told many are not. And many are also just reading one side. I pray many people come to the truth of who GOD our Creator is! REALLY HELPS WHEN YOU START READING YOUR BIBLE WHOLE.  Open the eyes of all people LORD, any who are willing. So the people have a chance to prepare for what is soon coming. in Jesus name Amen!  Sorry man, nobody wants to hear it. but this really is for our own best interest, that we all just start trying to do things to make God happy. God bless people. Have a nice day!


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