Hell on earth

I once wrote this, like three years ago. Not a lot of people believed me then, but the way every one has been speaking of God, I do pray many hear me now.  I once wrote the LORD, who is GOD, came to me in a vision and I saw His angels with HIM.


But in this vision I saw a lot of things I didn’t believe. My first vision came when I was twelve and all things God have shown me have come except one. Which is the end of the world. But not really the world. Just the end of people. I am going to try and explain these, and either you believe or you don’t. I do not care. because this generation is the same as all other people have been.


There will always be those who believe and those who do not.  That is the sad reality of it all.  God is the Spirit of LIFE. His Spirit is in ALL CREATION!  It is what gives all creation. LIFE. Without GOD, there is only death. For GOD made all of us. His Spirit is IN EVERYTHING!

God told me the earth will never be destroyed. That a comet will come and hit this earth, and it came from the things we made with our own hands. off setting balance with the things we made for people’s pocket and our studies. God does not even lift one finger. The end of the world happens by our own hands. Our sin is what will be the end of the human civilization. All by things we made when we trusted men and not GOD.  Our sins will be the death of us.

God told me some people will think they can escape there will be no escape for any that are left here. For the LORD Himself will come by and gather all His Children and their spirits will be taken to the new world which HE has created.

At a time of God’s choosing He will just gather His Spirit and anyone who looks down will see what happens to the ones who got left behind.  The vision of looking back, was a lot of people wishing to be dead. Now I do not understand this time frame, Because God said it was not for my understanding only for HIS.  But after God takes HIS Spirit and the ones who realize they did not go with. It will be too late for them. Because all the tribulations will hit and the people will just die in their sins. There will be no cure for them.


They will scream and holler and be tormented in all the plagues and virus they made with their own hand. and many will seek God and they will not find Him, for by then they will see it is too late, and God did indeed leave the planet. He does not come back. I wonder if the ones who died in the flood thought God was coming back also? Or how many died in Sodom and Gomorrah, Did God come back for these people?


When will the end come? This is another thing God told me. Time is made by man. Only GOD knows the time and when is the end.  As the beginning it as of now and always has been. The people have free will.


God told me when the comet hits the earth which is the very end right after many die in their sickness. The world will burn for eternity. I think to some eternity is the same as an eon.  But what do I know what an eon is? Do men even know what that is?  Now forever last forever and eternity has a number. And sometime after earth burns  God will make a new creation on this earth, and people will no longer be, and the new creation will dig in their bones and humans will become a new study. This is what God told me, and I believe, But in the mean while while all people burn on this planet. God will have taken the ones who He loves, who love Him and they will all be people in His New Creation, On a new world!


I AM SORRY I BELIEVE GOD! I DO NOT BELIEVE AN OF YOU PEOPLE!  For God has never lied to me not once, but men have lied to me my wholeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee life. So you guys believe whatever you want. But hell is like mars, it just burns.  Think about it and consider it and take it to your Word and study it. Do things to make GOD happy, IN JESUS NAME AMEN!

So when does the end happen? It has always been up to people. Maybe we should start trying to please GOD and not people. But so many times people think of them self they do not even see God’s planet.


They do not see all the animals that been washing on the shore. They don’t hear the animals yelling help to GOD. They do not see their very existence just being taken from them. Because for some odd reason. people only see people. One day they will be written off and be called a vain people.  I believe God, my friends with evidence in the WORD AND THE WORLD ALL AROUND!  I pray this be a blessing to many and help you run TO GOD AND NOT AWAY FROM HIM, IN JESUS NAME AMEN!


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