Guilty as charged- Punish me!!

I love everybody. but sometimes I just have to get away. I think all people should find time to be alone. To meditate. I say pray. But whatever, sit down and put your life in order. When you examine the story of Jesus you see the guy was always caught praying. I understand this. The spiritual battle is real. if you don’t take time to pray you are not going to make it in life. I pray many people start trying to find God.

Sit with Jesus and learn some amazing things. but honestly I would not try an sit with Jesus to learn things. But to instead listen. God does not want us to sin friends. What is sin? Ask God. pray and seek truth. Knock and the door will be open for you. Come to God as you are. Seek with your heart, mind, and soul, and let your mind not be evil. Many a season I spoke a message and I watched many thief steal my message. but the thing is I gave them for free. You can not steal what was freely given.

Do not cast your pearls before swine they say. But I believe God can even save the swine. I believe we came from the dust of the ground. I believe my bible friends. from beginning to end. I do not doubt God. In the bible it is written to turn the other cheek. I pray people turn their butt cheeks and walk away from evil.

In the bible it is written to wipe the dust off your feet if they do not accept you, but I pray many knock off the dust of their bibles. Knock on the door of LIFE and JESUS will answer. if I not come on often forgive me. If I over post forgive me. If I say over and over read your bible. Pray. find God. I ask not to be forgiven but instead I say God judge me. for a lot people have told me they are judges and I am bold when I say God I believe only you are judge. I believe you gave all judgement to Jesus but God I also know you can not come against yourself and I know that You are God so with that said. I ask you God, to what forgive me? For telling them to read the bible? For telling them to pray? For telling them to seek your face? God can I be forgiven for such things? and if so can I be rewarded for all my years I wrote for free. never complaining. Never asking for a penny. Should I be punished for this too friends? if so God please in Jesus name judge and punish me?, God, and judge me justly and if I be wrong please punish me and if not open up doors for me. For I mean if I am to be punished for telling people to pray. repent. fear God, love God, seek God with reverence. honor God. Obey God, read the Gospel. hear God’s Words. By then all means punish me! God I stand guilty as charged!

A Healing Word by Michelle Stokes

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