Gossip, rumors and counseling

I pray people can see my inner beauty and it just help you keep your peace. It is time for us to start trying to please God. God never wanted our families broken. We are broken because we disobey GOD. The results of our sin are all around us. Look around so many people dying all over from all types of things. When people start reading their WORD and praying and asking God to help you. You start getting wisdom and knowledge. God test us all.

A lot of people are hurting right now and some people have no love at all. Honestly a lot of people turned their hearts off because of the past. They have counseling for that stuff. I myself say God is the best counselor. But most do not want to believe in God so I am not the person to say there is no hope for you.

Although many will label you hopeless and helpless and lost. Again I am not the one who can do that stuff. I say as a human because as far as I know I am a person. Others say they are not from this world.But I was born here. Not sure about them other guys. They have been acting kind of strange lately anyways.

Anyways I pray people out there hear me. Am I the only person left on the planet? has everyone else turned to something not of this world? Anyways I did not have a perfect life. I had so many tribulations so many. I could not even count them. Amazing God used all of it and helped me. Most people probably would sink but I did not sink. God held me up. He was and is my life jacket.

I do not mean to angry anyone but at the same time I am tired of certain people thinking I have to do things their way. But I was abandoned by everyone and when I was, only GOD was there. So instead of people look at me with envy I pray many people overcome all things written in the WORD.

For the JESUS message sure does start putting a lot of rules on you. I mean and if we all want to live right by God, then can we all please start doing all things in the bible.

Like stop gossiping. stop complaining. stop murmuring. Stop spreading lies. There is a lot of rules and laws in the bible. and seriously God bless this lovely instruction manual! It is a wonderful book that can lead us.But God knows everyone . You can not fake or fool God at all.

The churches will say scriptures can not be broken.But then them people really are not completely reading their Word. For God never changes man. Not ever. I pray many people see that.Nobody on this planet has the right to judge only God is the judge. Sometimes God has sent judges. But does God like liars?

Are people claiming things that are not, putting stumbling blocks on people with their religions and what not? Anyways I pray a lot of people start to see the faults in their ways.because for many years a lot of people been judging me falsely and honestly for many years I said Lord forgive them. But now I am like God I had enough. Please judge these people as they all have seen fit to judge me.

Anyways God fights God’s own battle. I am at peace with everyone and I just speak. God bless everyone. I pray your day is blessed and all people get in their Word.it is written you have to drink of your own will. I love you guys. God loves you more! Anyways just food for thought!


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