GOODBYE New Year’s Resolutions!

STOP making New year’s resolutions!! They just seem to be a way for people to fail! sit down with a pen and paper. make a list of goals and do them! GET ER DONE and that IS HOW YOU MAKE THINGS HAPPEN! Resolutions just never seem to happen. Get a pen. get a piece of paper. Write it down AND THEN DO IT! BAM!! You just accomplished your new Years GOALS HooRAHH! Yay Go Team New Beginning! let’s get it RIGHT this year people!
P.S. AFTER YOU DO DO THEM CROSS THEM OFF LIGHT AND WHEN YOU DO THEM ALL SIT BACK GIVE YOUR SELF A HIGH FIVE AND SMILE AND SAY yessssssss!!! i did it! glory be to GOD! Every day we wake is a NEW DAY! a new year! a new beginning!. Start thanking God for what you all ready have, and you may just be blessed with more, friends!
Life is a gift and if you are wasting it. 2018 it is time to get serious! So many ways to die friends. Tomorrow is promised to no man, woman, or child so please take each day and try to live it the best you can. AND I DO NOT MEAN BY PARTYING IT AWAY. Don’t want to be like them people who kept on partying and drinking and were taken with the flood. make today count! Shalom family of God. Keeping it 100 and I wouldn’t be Stokes Michelle. if I didn’t put some GOD in it! love you guys! <3 

Food For Thought

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