Good people Guard Your Heart!

Good people guard your hearts! Looks fade. if you don’t love what is in the inside none of will matter. Sometimes people’s junk stops working. Sometimes people get fat and or too skinny. If you don’t know their mind none of it matters. if you love someone do you leave them when they get cancer? So many sleeping with strangers then getting mad because it isn’t working.

Some of the ugliest people sure are nice to look at but hang around them half a second and their hearts are bitter. Their minds are sour. Their deeds are dirty. Then all of a sudden what seemed to be a beautiful image was just a mask and I pray many people stop falling for that trap.

I am not interested in anybody, but I tell you in the past I looked for the ugliest man and introduced myself how are you today? Mind if I get to know you a bit? Sorry as a beautiful person I attract beautiful people. Not being conceited I get hit on way to often to think I am ugly. I don’t think I am beautiful, but that is what people tell me. But I been around what others call beautiful too and honestly. There mostly isn’t room for me. The pride, the ego, the haughtiness does not really match much with my personality.

Win me over with deeds. Win me over with kindness. SAY NO TO SLEEPING WITH STRANGERS! I never been interested in having sex with people I don’t know and in today’s times a lot of things out there that can kill you from sleeping with people. I never met a penis worth dying for and I am certain I never heard of a golden jay jay either. AIDS is real so are all the other numerous sexually transmitted diseases.

I can’t tell anyone what to do but this was written so people start thinking. it is all fun and games until people start dying then they say we don’t have to obey God’s laws. The more I read the bible the more I see every single thing God said not to do was LIFE UNTO US! I don’t years ago I was suicidal, I thank God for delivering me from them thoughts. Sorry friends I enjoy life. I found out if your life ain’t happy you seriously have to change it

I treat people to good to be allowing people to treat me like crap. My heart is big so if I don’t pay attention there will be many who think I am not a door matt. God called me to be the head and not the tail. More so then looks I am glad God birthed me with a brain, with that said this was food for thought friends. I pray it be a helpmate to someone out there watching! have a blessed day friends. You tired of broken relationships? Stop sleeping with strangers trying to make a marriage with people you don’t even know. Many having one night stands with people moving in and then like 6 months later what am I doing here. I might be crazy as hell but in my mind I think could that happen if we all started marrying our best friend?

Recent studies show people having babies and using birth control. yes even condoms. if you can catch a kid wearing them can you catch anything else? Personally I think many should start getting real holy and thinking marriage just my thoughts. Be blessed dear people!


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