God’s speech

God gives speech to understand all language! Will you be still? Will you listen? Will you put your trust in HIM? How far are you willing to walk with Him? Will you be with HIM in the wilderness? Will you stray like a Sheep? Will you stand like a Ram? will your roar like a mighty Lion? Are you a donkey? is your mouth muzzled? Does does God speak to the ass? Can God move the ass also? Does GOD move mountains? Can He calm the wind? Does He have say over everything?

I once heard God command a fish. I also heard then He did spoke through a donkey. Is donkey the same as mule? Are their horses that run in the field? Ahh people have been named the same as animals. what animal are you my friend?

I am Woman who walks in the garden I walk with the Lord, He is my husband. I have no man to lead me, so I asked HIM to marry me. God says the woman should be silent, but when the their husband is God and GOD commands them to speak, Do they listen to man or their husband? and didn’t GOD say woman was the help meet? So why are men trying to silence woman?

Why have so many been trapped in bondage, kept hidden from their earthly treasure that belong to them? I once was like Eve and I ate the fruit as we all did. and the people do not even see, or know that we all come from Adam and Eve, people were not destroyed in the flood. Only evil at the time was. People will always be people.

I did eat of the fruit of the wicked. then again the whole world did. they were curses from the sins of others. But I am not my father nor am I Adam and Eve and I did not point blame on anyone, I followed David and I did what He did. I am sorry GOD I ate the wicked fruit, I did not know what I was doing, but then I did, and I still ate it anyways. I am sorry LORD, please forgive have mercy on me LORD, for I knew not what I did. Now my eyes have been open and I can see the children of disobedience. I also can recognize speech.But not because I am evil. It is because I sought the LORD daily. I repented and repent not with just my lips my friends but also with my actions, and my thoughts also.

The curses of GOD are real and not even many know this and half the world can not see it. But unless they take from the tree of LIFE they will not live. Men can not see we are still in the garden where the LORD planted us. Men were always made to til the grown. Who is the anti Christ, but the ones who deny Jesus came in the flesh? so technically we are all born anti Christ my friends, because none of us are born with knowledge, it is taught to us from the beginning.

Either way I pray many people start reading and praying for understanding of the WORD, and get it with in their members, and become doers my friends, because to do any different, is a shameful thing we will not even speak on. Either way I do pray this message be a blessing to many and the Lord awake you from your slumber, in Jesus name AMEN!


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