God heal your family

Ever since the beginning God saw man was not complete standing all alone. So it is said God made man in God’s image. and God was all alone. So God created a world of God’s own and God made all things Good and evil, all things creepy and crawly and there was even darkness, and God gave darkness a light to rule over the darkness and as such God did the same for the Light also. But God still was missing something. God said I will make man in my image. man was made to till the ground. for even these things God did, and still does.


So God gave form to man from the dust of the ground. and God saw Adam was alone. God was alone in the beginning also. So God created Adam and Eve and saw man was complete. You can say God is a family. God made them all Sons and Daughters, even Man and Woman, But God saw when God gave man and woman dominion over all things and fruit of all things and only commanded to not eat one thing, The people disobeyed God. God knew when they ate the fruit their eyes would be opened only they would not see God. They hid them self in the garden, For they disobeyed God.


Until this day when we sin we run from God. I pray these things not be but instead we pray and ask God to give us strength to do them not.  If people read the Word. You would see. Sin kills. God has loved us. we suffer because we harden our hearts. We murmur, we complain, we think we can do things our own way. But if that was the case then why is most of the world suffering?


I pray God bring many back to family. Help the woman, God, help the men. Help our children, help our leaders, if that even be possible. I know not who can be saved or even who is saved God. I pray you give many people strength to read the Bible. To do good by you God. These are the prayers for myself and everyone I know, in and out of my closet! I pray this be the year many of you get the anointing, and oil, and wisdom, and honestly, everything GOOD and GODly! Holy friends! walk in love, Follow Jesus see God who is good to us all through the whole bible. Look what happens when we harden our hearts. When we murder, when we steal, when we do drugs, when we tell lies, when we leave our families behind.  Look what happens when we dishonor God. Look what happens when we forsake family. when we go single. when we fornicate. look at how much it hurts. God we need some restoration down here. Heal our lands God! We admit we need you in our lives, in own homes.. IN OUR EVERYTHING GOD! We are sorry we are sinners. help a generation of us sinners overcome our sins oh God. Let it be LIFE unto us GOD! in Jesus name Amen!

Be Blessed dear people, and Blessed be those who hear the ones who come in the name of the LORD!  Follow the Word! Let it be a blessing to your House, to your mind, to your family, to your future, to all things in and around you.  God bless a great multitude of people. have a blessed day friends. Jesus said to forgive. tell your friends sorry. Even if they don’t receive it today, get in your closet and ask God, pray they accept it. to give them a new heart and even me Lord. (meaning self-the reader-you-yourself) Forget me not! Help me pray for myself and others God. Help me do good when nobody is watching. help me be different God. give me strength to overcome all evil and sin with in me, and withstand anything the enemy may try and get. Don’t let it get in God. be my Shield. My Sword. My Rod, My Staff , My Everything!! My whole Armour God, down to the belt. the shoe the under garments!! everything God!! Wash me clean and be my strong defense!


God bless everyone the LORD is all that to me!  God bless you God! <3

A Healing Word by Michelle Stokes





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