fornicating-sex truth

Fornicating is a sin. Fornicating is sex without marriage. More so important then sex without marriage because honestly if man and woman stayed faithfully with one person forever they would be married in God’s eyes. Not the eyes of law. But by God they would be.

The problem becomes when people can not commit to one partner. (sexually transmitted diseases the results of fornicating) Either way the purpose of marriage is so men and woman can get wild with each other and get rid of the body’s natural craving for sex. It was so man and woman can enjoy love. For the natural act of two people together was meant for love. Blessed is the man who finds a wife. So the woman the same who finds a husband. God did not want all these laws on people. But honestly it is for people’s protection. People really have a natural behavior pattern to act like animals. It is only God who helps us have a chance in this world.

Anyways my messages don’t sound like other’s and they were not meant to. They are wise words for any who want to hear. God bless everyone. God loves people, not sin! hate the sin, love the messenger! God is awesome! Be blessed!


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