Feeling down? Here is the cure!

My prayer for all who read this. I pray it help you get through the storms in your times of need. God bless and Shalom family of GOD!

When tribulations come. Rejoice unto the LORD always! When hurt and suffering come, THE JOY OF THE LORD IS OUR STRENGTH! When the wicked one throws fiery darts at us, Again rejoice unto the LORD always. For God does test those whom He loves. Do not despise chastisement. Let us examine the Book of Job ,or even Look what become of Jesus.

The path to LIFE is not easy but indeed is worthy of living a Righteous life, in doing all things pleasing unto the Lord.

Rejoice Saints, Children, people even! rejoice in the Lord, for INDEED IT IS OUR STRENGTH. Rest and wait in the LORD also Saints! Do not despise the day you were born, but rejoice and be glad in it. Be glad GOD called you into LIFE my friends! for only the devil wishes for you to have an unhappy ending. Let us put our eyes on the finishing line, and Keep God’s Word instilled with in! then we shall be like a tree of LIFE! Able to withstand all seasons and storms and weather! AGAIN REJOICE MY FRIENDS!

Shalom Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus. I pray this give many people strength in their hour of need. God bless us and help us all walk in ways pleasing to God. May the Lord be with you and strengthen our numbers greatly! Shalom Brothers and Sisters! <3<3 I invite all who read to come and join me on facebook. <–clickable link) also feel free to bookmark this pagehttps://ahealingwordmichellestokes.com



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