Family Lives Matter!

This page one of a book I am writing called, “Family Lives matter” Sharing it in the open and praying it be a blessing to any. I will be adding onto this later. This is the opening page!
Family Lives Matter. page 1
Just an observation i made. A lot of people in the world are thirsty these days and I guess this is the new saying for people looking to just have open sex. I kept seeing it a couple years back, on facebook. Are you thirsty? i was thinking these people need to put the weed down. All these thirsty people. wow. and I just figured that is what it is. after all the whole world seems to be smoking marijuana, or it appears that way from many different things. Anyways never thought about it much after that.
So I saw a post that read are you thirsty? or hungry or satisfied? So I shared it saying I was hungry and thirsty. Which i really was because food was just finished, and i was about to get A HUGE GLASS of nice cold H2O, and all of a sudden a million inbox messages went off all at once, well with in a few seconds. messages went off. i was like what? why are these guys all being perverted? I few called me a few foul names because I had no clue what they really meant. So they asked for ummm things that I don’t do and I said what? you’re about to get blocked.
A few called me tease, and finally one of them told me what thirsty meant. WOW. what a way to pervert a drink of H2O man. That’s a crying shame. So what if I am having a heat stroke and I yell out I am thirsty! Would I even get a drink? or would men try and ummm do improper things? Sorry, I am getting out of the new generation slang, ghetto ebonics, thinking. try to speak a little better. Don’t be thirsty my friends. Unless it is for H2O. or even the WORD! Now that’s a GOOD thirst!
Seems many in life want to be with somebody. and we are in broken generations. Nobody wants to give. Everyone wants to take. Everyone wants to be treated like Kings and Queens but we never want to take blame?
men if you treated every single woman on this planet like she was your daughter YOU LOVE, (not the ones fathers are abandoning daily) the world would change!! but then again many fathers are abandoning their daughters daily. and why? because your Baby Momma is crazy? So, how long did you know her before you started playing house?? You are only playing house, if you can’t afford to feed a family.
Every time a man enters a woman. He risk getting her pregnant. So before you do, EVERY time you should be thinking, do I want kids? Am I prepared to raise kids? Remember every time, condom or not, your are taking the chance of having a kid.the second you enter her you risk getting her pregnant.
(ladies this can apply to you too) Am I financially stable?. and if the answer is no you should seriously reconsider wanting to have sex. even with a condom. you know recent studies show people have had kids using condoms. the safest sex there is, is not having it at all. they are throwing dads in jail in many states for child support. Even good guys who paid and just got laid off. and while your in jail the payment’s don’t stop. THINK BEFORE YOU DO! and DON”T do it unless you are prepared!
it is a sick circle to be trapped in, that child support circle. raising a child, buying diapers and what not when your not ready yet. so if you love your self and your freedom consider getting your house in order before you even think about taking a wife, and or even having sex. Oh yes ladies I have one of these for us too. Even if nobody reads them or listens. I am a woman tired of broken families and I will do everything with in me to speak family wisdom. I pray it mend houses and heal families and make us strong nations and remember how to be people again and not behave like animals.
Keeping it 100% Sorry friends I seen both sides. the world is a better place when we honor God, and when one knows God, God without a doubt wants us to honor our parents
God is without a doubt the same God as always, only God made His fullness shown to any who wanted to listen, I pray many start reading and we start doing not for show but because it the RIGHT thing to do by God and by people and by you.
Something with in people always craves love. it is how we are made and many have turned it off because of a hardening of hearts. I pray God melt the wax off your hearts and make man and woman whole ago, and God help us to be what you created us to be. Help us be a family God give us strength and God mend these broken generations in your Holy name I pray Amen!
parents I love your kids, and if you don’t want to, I will teach them wisdom! Somebody has to think about the future I pray there be a generation of people God teaches to get along and that is truth. I wrote a second part to this I wrote first I will add to it later.

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