Fake love verses God’s love

You can say I love you and be as fake nice as you want to, and I call it fake nice. if you are going to say please before you throw me out the window or toss me under a bus, that is not love to me. If you put on a show, none if it matters if your eyes and heart are not on God, it is just being fake. and when I say God it is because just as life teaches us hard lessons, so does God, and Hmmmmm Jesus came in LIFE and Moses talked about LIFE, Revelation talks about LIFE. Wow even in Genesis it does to. wait now that I think it the whole bible does. If your heart is not in it. If your doing it to look good for others. or a million likes and followers then well. I guess this is why I am not following, I know fake love when I see it,

It’s a lot of people out there that say they love you, but you never see them, you never hear from them. I am uncertain, but is that not how you treat strangers? But when I start to think on it. I am glad these things happen because who really wants to be around fake people? Pretty much almost anyone can put on a smile. But who checks up on you? Who comes around when they don’t need something. Those are your true friends.

I’m old school, friendship had a different meaning then it does now. But the world has been flipped upside down, and they now say murder is love. and love is hate. Only God can turn this world right side up. So many say this is impossible, but then I think they must not know God.

The God I know teaches and helps people not steal, not tell lies. to not gossip.to walk upright. A real Father. They say My Sheep will not listen to other voices. I think this is why I do not run to other people, because God is our Father and God’s love is the only real thing I know in this world.

Sit at Jesus feet and listen, and you will see He just speaks of God. It is time for many people to just get their heart right. I pray God lead someone to this who needs to see it. Have a blessed day reader.I pray many people find God. The real Father not the fake one the world made up.

The one who came in LIFE!

Food For Thought

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