Faith Alone?

Faith alone? Is faith another word for believe? Is believe another word for love? I think the first to be true, but not the second. Two teachings of the world.

Many will say we are saved by our faith. Then if we have faith do we do works? Many will say no. So what do they believe in? Do they believe in love?

Because to love is the answer to all. Many it will conquer, but it will not overcome all. In the end love does win though. Sadly some will not reap the rewards though.

Faith alone means what? That we can all just run around and speak the Gospel? So to speak and not do is the answer?

What is faith? Why do many speak we only have to believe? They teach deeds are void, we can not buy our way into heaven with our actions, since when?

So we can just run around and do whatever we want? Why do many preach clean up our dressings, but hardly not any messages about our actions?

Tis a sad day when the only thing that matters is appearances and lips it seems. Do our hearts get examined? Do we just walk on by and not even consider what we do as people?

I love God, I love Jesus I believe the LORD is GOD He is the LORD Almighty! King of Kings! Ruler of all things, LORD of LORDS and He did Make all of Creation and He did walk this earth also. And to say we are saved by faith alone. What is faith to you my friends? I pray many consider such things written in this letter and that they commune with their whole hearts, on their beds, in their closet, out in public, the streets and the markets, through the hills and all through the valley. I pray we do things Godly. To glorify God who is in heaven, God who was, and is, and will always be. There is none before Him, Neither after, nor ever will be.

I do pray many people grow in GOD. Do not forsake the Christ message. Do not forsake JESUS. Do not forget to grow in GOD and learn to get along with GOD.. For indeed THE LORD IS GOD! As JESUS has said, I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE! I truly deeply pray people find understanding in this message, and take all things TO THE WORD OF GOD, and prayer also! That is all. Have a blessed day my friends! FIND GOD!

Written by Michelle Stokes. (follow me on facebook if you want,clickable link) To GOD be all the glory!  Now and forever and all Kingdoms to come! Jesus has said. I and my Father are ONE!


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