Evangelist Work

If anyone out there can help me out. I am a woman who loves and obeys and fears God. and for many years I have spoke, wrote, preached, taught, whatever you want to call it. I just did what came naturally.


I have went to many people and heard so many different people’s stories and I ask if anyone can tell me, I want to be legal in laws, how I can I obtained a license for Evangelical work. I would like to move things around and follow the calling the Lord put in my heart. If any can offer some true advice, I would deeply appreciate it!  Also God be with whoever helps me. Thank you in advance. For other then I am just going to be a writer and call my labor work. but seriously I love God so I prefer to do God’s work.  Thank you again to whoever answers in advance.


I do not really want to sit under anyone’s ministry but I will be speaking all over as God allows it.  Thanks for all truthful answers in advance.


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