Drunk Drivers

So today I write a letter for the people who drink and drive. I am not telling you not to drink. But I am a friend to all people, and so I want to keep it real with you. It is ok if you want to keep drinking and be taken with them guys in the flood, *cheers* But since I am your friend, I am going to tell you like I tell all my friends. If you have to drink then at least think ahead. When you finish this story I want you to close your eyes and think about it a little bit. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but I hope God make us all a little bit smarter.

Imagine waking up. You’re in a little room. You’re behind a jail cell. You find out you murdered a pregnant Mom and six of her kids. Or the Mom died and the kids lived. You find out you’re facing life.  You don’t remember the night before. You have no memory. (or even worst you do) You woke up in a hospital missing an arm, a leg, and outside the door is an officer waiting to escort you to a jail cell, as soon as the hospital releases you.


Imagine getting two DUIs. or driving under the influence. You had to do some jail time. You can’t get your license back for 20 years. and even then you may or may not. You go before trial. You spend a lot of money on lawyers. Lets say you live. Your car is wrecked. You’re stuck with payments for a car, you can’t even claim and you still owe money for. How are you going to get to work now?


What if you end up paralyzed? So many different things could happen and happens daily. I pray some people start thinking before they do. Would you want all that on your conscience friends? Call a cab. Quit drinking. Walk home, which isn’t really that wise. Think on it! but for the love of something please THINK before you drive!  Just keeping it real!  Shalom family of God. I pray you can hear the words of someone who loves you! have a blessed wonderful day friends!

Food For Thought

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