Drug addictions

To all my friends and family and loved ones. I pray many of us start looking at the world around us. Many are dropping like flies from drug over doses at such a young age. Although many may not care today. What about tomorrow or the future generations coming up? With all the people yelling turn up. Not too many saying put it down. I pray many come to understanding of drug addictions and that perhaps a lot of us can start speaking against it.
I am not an angel or a saint, I have had my days of trying many things. But as I am older I can see the reality of it all. I am blessed to live the years I have lived. but many around me are not so lucky. People are dropping off like flies barely in their twenties. It comes a time when someone out there has to be a leader.
I pray for the youth and their future. I pray for the music. Instead of music promoting drugs, sex, and violence I pray we promote something different. I know not a lot of people care for the future of them self, more or less others, but when I was a child I thought as such and behaved as such also.
I do not know what tomorrow will bring. For tomorrow is promised to no one. I pray to God, I have long life. but not because I want to live because honestly most of my life I had nothing to live for. But unlike many I am not ashamed nor afraid to speak truth to the youth and to all people so I pray God grant me many years so I can continue to speak and preach to the youth. For if the world does not end like many think it will be a sad day for the future generations. So on behalf of all the lost souls I pray many of us wise up.
The truth about drugs is they do not bring happiness. They cause many problems, lead to poverty and most cases death.You sit in a jail. Your family abandons you and you say, but the drugs make me feel good. This is all lies my friends.I pray a great many people start pursuing happiness in different things. My happiness is in GOD.. God can give a joy better then any drugs or alcohol and God is real and truly this is a sad day when people think they have no other option to happiness then to lower them self into the valley of death and welcome death freely. Life is a gift.
It is not easy and never will be. Sometimes we live in periods of good seasons, but then the rain will come. Nobody out there has a perfect life. and even if it is perfect, how long? Does this perfection last a life time? In my experience and the things I have observed there is no perfect lives. Only people striving to live. Life takes work and perseverance. and in order for many to cope many people need to start being truthful with a lot of stuff.
I know not one drug addict who is happy they are an addict. I know many who want to quit and do not know how. With God nobody is lost. and God can help the hopeless. Jesus in fact came to give the sinners strength to overcome all things.
Anyways without judging anybody I am praying for the people with addictions. I pray God help a great many people overcome addictions and it be a great wonderful testimony for the Lord who had mercy on many.
God never wants us left broken and in fact His Holy Spirit is what helps the broken. I pray many find drug rehab. NA, AA, Church, GOD or a new community of people who are not in the same circle as the ones who are keeping you down. God bless us and help a great multitude of people overcome their addictions, in Jesus name Amen!


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  1. Sister what a powerful preaching,giving us good directions,We thank the Lord for blessing us with you. May He bless you for what you are going.and im also awere that you re doing for the Lord and you expecting nothing in return.may the Lord pay you for all you are doing for us.God bless you

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