It is said that the golden rule can be the same as Luke 6:31.  Is anyone tired of broken families? Tired of seeing loved ones destroy each other?  Tired of the hurt that comes with broken relationships with God? I am not a religion, but I do have some solid core teachings based from the Word of God, that if applied we may be able to walk in the land of the LIVING, according to GOD.


In Luke 6:31 it basically says treat others as you want to be treated.   I really pray many people start to apply this in all things we do. As people we all want to be lifted up. So many times I have been a shoulder for friends to cry on, and they all seem to love me as long as I say poor baby. Oh yes, he did that and she did this, how terrible of them. Then I am a hero. But lately the things I have seen is so many people pointing blame on others they use this to justify them self, and nobody ever looks with in, so no problems get solved.  Really hard to have pity when you are a witness to such things, I tell you.  Then if I point out your faults, I am no longer your friend. That seems rather odd, you think?

In the story of Adam and Eve. They both did wrong then they pointed blame on everyone else. This is much the same people do now. and if you really examine the Word and this world you see the ones who suffer the most are the ones who sit in the circles and point blame.  God wants us to walk in a straight line my friends. I offer this advice to couples really trying to stay together.


In order to be heard.. There needs to be a spirit of unity. a spirit of compassion and spirit of peace. a Humble contrite heart. Both parties need to realize no one can be perfect all the time.   I pray many people start reading their Word and using it as a guide to LIFE.  We can all continue to point blame on everyone, but look where that has gotten us!  The same as all people in the Word, who did not want to hear God. There was a hardening of hearts, and as a result the people suffer, the families are broken.


In the past I wrote articles like this and the churches rebuked me, then I seen them preach my messages in their churches. I pray that not be the case. but if so that the one who will take my work and claim it as their own; it is the same as a thief and also has a legal word attached to it called plagiarism. I pray instead of my messages falling into thieves hand who will not even go to the world, but stay inside their building, I pray my words land in the lap, hearts, and ears and eyes of sinners who were left behind.  The people abandoned by churches and religion.The ones who were told they were hopeless. The broken, the lost. I pray my words reach you and that my words draw you to God, and help you build your LIFE, instead of another church building, or another thief who will steal and use it for their own vain purposes, in Jesus name Amen!, and please if my messages inspire you to write your own articles that is lovely, but it sure would be nice to see some people who claim to love God give the due respect to the author. For most of the times the churches call me a devil, but then oddly again preach my messages in their building.


I pray this time God himself prevent that from happening, and instead God let a bunch of broken people be lead to me, so we can grow together in your Word LORD.  Protect my work from the hands of thieves and devils who only want to sow discord.   Let it land in the hands of the lost and let it be a great blessing to them GOD, all for your glory and honor Lord and for the souls of many! Have a blessed day dear people.


You know so many Churches have come to my page and said blessings, but then ask for a blessing in return and they disappear. Many be readers of the WORD, For even sinners bless sinners, but God forbid a Godly (?) person bless anyone. They steal messages but yet somehow don’t even leave a tip.  Will you thieves please  get off my page. Have a blessed day dear reader. Written by a woman who indeed cares for your soul, and while many speak heaven and hell, I pray my messages speak LIFE INTO YOUR SOUL!  Shalom dear people!


Written by A Healing Word, Michelle Stokes, This is part of my Domestic violence series. First part can be found here. Or here, Abusive Women. More to come on this series soon!  If my articles inspire you in any type of way, I invite you to join me daily for inspiration. Follow me on facebook!  Have  a blessed day and I pray God restore the hearts, minds and souls of the reader and fill you with peace of mind and new life in Jesus name Amen!


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