Does this look like truth my friends?

Does this look like truth?Let the people decide.

Michelle Stokes

Now that I passed the message nobody wants to give, and hardly any receive, lets get on with more truth in this world. Jesus (Christ) died for sinners. I have said over repeatedly I come against nothing in this world, only the lies. I long ago said, I was a weapon of destruction. But I myself will not harm anyone, but to perhaps hurt some people’s feelings a little bit. The truth hurts! Better I hurt your feelings and you live then for me to stay silent AND YOU DIE! I told the people I was coming against all lies and none of them believed me, Do you believe me now? Is the evidence of my knowledge obvious? Can the people argue these things? Even if so by all means, so be it. God told me the season for reasoning IS OVER! it is time for the people to decide!

I also don’t want to give too much anymore of my testimony because then I notice, the people worship me and not God. Sorry seven years has taught me a great many things.. But honestly it was GOD teaching me. So instead of lifting up men and women, we all need to work together as a team. Please don’t get offended, not all people are called to be leaders and this is just the truth my friends. I pray instead of jealously and greed we can learn to get along. If not no more time to argue or debate the people will just be punished plain and simple and yeah that is the true matter. God doesn’t tell lies or play games.

Especially when it comes to lives and NO, GOD CAN NOT BE MOCKED MY FRIENDS! Anyways I told people I was chosen and we can continue to fight for the next seven years about it, But what if we do not have seven more years? God told me the vials were all ready open I mean tribulations started all ready, but who knows God’s time but God? I mean they did not see when the vials were open and they still do not see even with HIV and AIDS and Ebola even. There will always be those who reject truth which is sad because who really wants to be lied too?

How long will we stay ignorant? Man, I pray not one more second. I have no time to argue the semantics of people’s religion anymore. Anyways Jesus (Christ) is the only way because HE SPOKE TRUTH TO ALL WHO WOULD LISTEN! and not to mention He IS salvation!

It is the same ever since people were made, they do or don’t hear God and even when they are commanded, they disobey, so free will was given. So what will the people decide? Up to them. Anyways I am not a religion but I believe I am starting one. Hard to explain, something God showed me. But I am not coming against the Christ message I just am not Jesus and am told to speak different, so I do, and have and will.

We should all get to Church and make God happy. But God said I will not loose my reward neither, and I fully believe GOD. anyways People can judge me all they want I don’t care. I pray while we all look at me we put the mirror in front of our OWN faces. and again I ask do these things look truthful?

Anyways God spoke to me messages to speak to the crowd and I will, and not once will I use my bible. Let the Churches have the Christ message. I am a writer and I write the things God tells me and that is just what it is. God once ask me if Paul wrote so many Books how many do you think you will write? Ah the answer to that me and God know. Something I will just keep to myself. God forbid you tell the left side stuff, and they steal it, I saw this all in the past. It is also called plagiarism.

One Spirit, one accord. Sorry we are all the same body and the people do not even listen. I am not prideful, I just speak as I am told. I pray God’s will be placed in a lot of people and it help a great multitude of people move forward, in Jesus name Amen!

Now people can follow God, Christ, Jesus, Paul, David. The whole WORD OF GOD is good for life structure. But anyways my messages are to all the lost people.The ones the world deemed unworthy so all the lost people who did not receive the Jesus message well or were condemned by it. I pray you guys follow me and I will lead us down the narrow path. Let the perfect people be perfect. I will walk you guys through how to heal our self and get GOD on our side.

Around here in this house WE THANK JESUS! AND GOD THEY ARE ONE! and we keep in mind the Christ message and the WORD OF GOD WHOLE!

Sorry I don’t care who tries to come against me GOD told me FEAR NOT and so I WILL LISTEN TO GOD! Anyways time for us to get our houses in order and let many of us paint the blood of the lamb over our doors as they did in the days of Moses! Jesus is that Lamb my friends!

Even if the people at first do not want to hear this message I pray they all receive and listen and then don’t hide in the distance. Come like my page and support me and get the messages out there WITHOUT STEALING THEM!

Sorry not all people who get rich will help others, I pray people open their eyes and see the truth in the real people in the world. I Love you and if I let people call me names. I get persecuted to speak these messages does any of this sound like real love to you? Is love even worth supporting anymore? Well to me, it is, this is why I speak BECAUSE I LOVE YOU GUYS! God loves us more man! I pray many hear and see in Jesus name Amen!

Support the people who really care about you and leave them other people alone. Just my advice take it or leave! Peace be unto all and WOE TO THOSE WHO REJECT IT!


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