Do it for you!

You can take all the diet pills, shakes, vitamins in the world, starve yourself even. and for but a day you may see results but here is the truth. Exercise is the answer. eating better. eating balanced. Portion control! You can make all the excuses you want for being big you want, but truth is exercise is the only solid way. From a woman who lost 100 pounds. Years ago they use to speak of sloth and even gluttony and all of a sudden it stopped, but yet the effects of such things did not stop. Both are killing people daily! #Truth! I was small my younger years, then I got huge. so I got to see both sides. You know so many say they receive hate for being black. hate for being gay, But I believe obese people are some of the most judged people out there, doesn’t even seen to matter the color.. and yeah sad to say, but a lot do make opinions about weight, and color of skin. I have no control over my skin tone or my parents but I can control how big I am. either way You can do it! #TeamMotivation! Exercise does without a doubt really build self confidence! Shalom dear people!

Also don’t lose weight for others. Lose weight because it is the healthy thing to do. Do it because you love your self. Do it for you my friends! Make self happy before you attempt to even make others happy. because if you are not happy you will only cause others misery! Your happiness can not be in other people. It has to start in you! A Healing Word by Michelle Stokes

Food For Thought

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