Die Daily

Michelle Stokes

I pray many starve the flesh, that we all learn how, to each day die to the flesh and live in the Spirit. The Spirit is LIFE, it is LIFE abundantly, Also to be called JESUS, whom is the Christ!

God did not call us to death but, called us to LIVE. If we starve the flesh, flee from these wicked things, we see the odds of LIFE increase greatly. One should give God honor with all things we do. With our speech, with our actions, even in our dressing. We should keep in remembrance, not all of us are walking in the same path or on the same time as everyone. We are all at different growth levels with Holiness and perfection being the thing we stride for. There are babies in Christ. There are Children of God, and also Men and Woman of God, all to be called God’s Chosen or Children. Sons and Daughters even.

Am I my brothers Keeper? and Cain said no, then killed Abel. Jesus came to bring us back to God whom is Holy, who before time was and none of us remembered, because our eyes were not open to sin yet. And since then it has been many have forgotten who God is.

God is holy and has always been about LIFE it is God’s Spirit that is breathed with in our nostrils again LIFE! All through the Word it has always been about LIFE and the punishment of sin. I pray many become united in Christ and many of us return to God’s family in Jesus name Amen!

Jesus came in the Light. Please do not be as Adam and Eve whom when disobeyed God, they did hide them self from God. I pray let us run to God so Jesus can give us our new skin, Let us put on our new Creation in Christ JESUS! Shalom friends and family in Jesus! also known as the Christ!



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