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Father God the Lord (Also to be known as JESUS-Isaiah 9:6-or just Genesis Chapter 1:1-2, John Chapter 1) who made me I come before you because I have no other to come to. I pray you help many people open their eyes and see the bigger picture. I pray God please help the people not tell lies. Help them be truth tellers. God, I know you alone can change the hearts of men. I Michelle can do nothing by my hands. But by these hands I type these prayers God, and I pray you alone answer them.

Help the people see this is about something greater. Help them to see about the planet and creation and universes. I pray you help many people see this is about something bigger then we can comprehend. I pray you help people find you God. I only know you.

I know from my own life and all things in this world, sin is punished. I pray to you God, (Spoken in Exodus Chapter 20, and Deuteronomy Chapter 6) Help people seek truth. Help them hear the good voice with in. Help them seek you God. This is what I prayed many hours. and Lord I believe with all my heart, if anyone in the world can do such things it is you God. The invisible God that made all people, who created every name. I believe when the Word says you made all things. I believe also when Jesus says, I and my FATHER ARE ONE

What do I call you God? I AM that I AM! God said, and I believe God, my friends. I pray my words can inspire many people to find God today and the Lord draw all of us each man to repentance in their own houses, or castles or mansions or whatever they be God. In their thoughts, their, hearts, minds and intentions!

In the name of TRUTH I pray, God bless us!

Written by Michelle Stokes for God’s glory! If this post blessed you in any way, Please like and share. Thank you reader for reading. It has been my pleasure reading the bible with you! I pray you come back today or tomorrow for you never know what will be posted. Could be stories. Could be testimony. Could be poetry. Praise and song. Either way i invite you to like my page and lets worship God together!

Have a blessed day dear people! Shalom!  <3 I pray your day is blessed and full of joy and God just fill you with His peace and covering, in Jesus name Amen! Stay tuned for my daily inspiration soon coming!


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