Cut the cord

Ladies any man who decides to be with you if they have to put their mommy in the middle, they are not man enough for you. Real MEN don’t need their mommy to be their mediator. For when a man hits a certain age, He is suppose to be a MAN! Not a little baby that has to run to mommy. Time to stop sucking off mommy’s tit and grow up if this is you!

After a certain point in a life a mommy should learn when to stay out of MEN’S business. I would say their child’s life. But if a man is grown enough to claim a woman as a wife. He is man enough to answer to His wife. After marriage it is the Woman who is honored not the Mother. Mothers need to learn there becomes a point when MEN HAVE TO BE MEN!

When I was a child I behaved as such, when I became a man I acted like such! I pray this be the truth in the matter anyways. Grow up little boys. Time to become MEN!
Written by a real woman who is tired of seeing MEN walking around behaving like little boys. GROW UP! Time to cut off them umbilical cords.

I pray men start acting like men and ladies start being ladies and we start trying to in live ways pleasing to God Amen!


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