Crazy Lady Public Rant

After so many years of being called crazy. I am just going to go with the crazy label, and call this a crazy lady public rant! I am going to say a few things, and honestly I am going to say from the beginning, I could care less who I offend by saying this. It seems these days nobody cares what anybody thinks, but yet at the same time we all want praises, from all the wrong people.

My whole life I have believed in God, but for half of a second and because of the world and so many things. I did harden my heart, and did also not believe.  For awhile now I have been all over.  I have been in many conversations.  I sat with the rich, I ate in some really fancy places. Lived in nice beautiful neighborhoods. Had dinners in million dollars homes.


I have been homeless, but never have I been with out shelter.The Lord did always provide for me. Some how He just manged to lead me. But then again I was praying when nobody could see me.  I use to give all the wrong people all of my credit.  I just thought everyone thought like I did. I was so wrong  and this kind on saddens me. But trust when I say.  I do not want everyone thinking like me though either.


But I am going to speak on some things life has taught me. For I was never one to appreciate lies. If someone would of told me which way was good. Which way to follow I would of. I received the Jesus message backwards. They taught me you had to be perfect for God. I tried to be on my own, and this is when I failed. Then all of a sudden I started leaning on God and then good things started happening.


They say I give everyone the right advice. How can I do this? Perhaps it is because I made all the wrong choices  one time.  When you are 18 you do not think like 21, nor 21 think like 25 year olds either.  The older you get you just learn more as life goes by, and then I think maybe most start to fear death or finally start thinking about their bodies and such. I did think of such things most of my adult life. but then somewhere time slipped by.


Either way I see things changing in this world and it saddens me. It seems most stopped caring. They do not see, nor care, or have worries of anything. This concerns me. What happens when you get everything you want?  What happens when nobody corrects evil?


What happens if nobody decides to be a cop anymore?  What happens if everyone stays silent?  I do not want to be anybody’s leader, nor do I want to follow anybody to hell. But I can not stand with the world either. Why do they keep fighting? why do they all point fingers at each other? why can not anyone correct the children? When did men stop being men? when did ladies stop acting like ladies?


Did they stop making sexual transmitted diseases? (Bad wording, I meant did they make cures for them all now?)  When did abortions become the new condoms? When did family stop being a family? Is anyone else from broken families?  Was it fun? Was it sad?  So what happens if we all keep going down the same road?


So what happens when we all say, “I am not my brother’s keeper?” Does anybody know before the movie, That is scripture?  Do you know what it refers to?  The story of Cain and Abel my friends.  So what happens when we all abandon everybody? and we all turn our backs on one another?  What happens when we don’t teach our children any kind of manners, or morals, nor standards?


What happens if we all keep on abandoning our parents?   So our parents can wipe our butts. feed us, clothe us, care for us and then we just toss them out?  I don’t know I am past the point of people having conversations to justify evil deeds.


People with addictions, you know who you are. I can tell you, start believing in God and start praying. Read the healing Words of Jesus, Matthew Mark, Luke, John. For those of you who do not believe in God, get to AA or something. Life is hard, YOU CAN DO IT!  I say you should find God too, but I know, in these days nobody wants to be preached at. That doesn’t change anything. God is real, my friend and He can help someone like you, all you have to do is ask Him.


Don’t give up, even if you slip. All them people you use to know, if you want to go forward, you got to let them go. Say good bye to old things. Don’t give up you can do it!  Life is going to be really hard for you. God is real!  I say lean on Him. it will start getting easier. Life is not easy and and who ever told you it was, is a liar! I love you enough to tell you truth!



Anyways I pray many just start looking with in them self, and trying to be a better person and if you have to be selfish then do it because you want to be selfish and live. But I also pray a great multitude just start trying with their whole might to make God happy, Because God is real, and just open your eyes and take a good look around.

Somehow, some way I pray this message help somebody in some type of way. in Jesus name Amen!


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