Crazy Intro!

Sometimes many in life will judge the things you do. Life is hard. Long ago, I use to yell at people and tell them to change I use to say, If I can do it, so can you, Grow up baby. I have no pity. You would understand if you lived the life I lived. I lived through it, Suck it up you baby.

There is not too many things in my life I have not lived through and this is just truths. Years ago I tried to go to counseling and them people could not understand me. You live in your white picket fence, and your white house I am sure. So I ask them have you went through what I went through? The answer was always no, EXACTLY. Then get your bull crap advice out of here.


Oh, We can’t make excuses. Really? What the sam heck are you talking about? I want someone who has been through, what I been through, to give me some good advice. They told me I was depressed, why didn’t you just ask what was going on in my life?

I didn’t need any pills. I needed advice. I needed help. I needed someone to tell me, Hey man life ain’t easy, Then set out a sound set path, and I would of listened. No instead they just want to label you and feed you medicine. Kind of sick when you think of it, but whatever.

Anyways I thank God for every single thing that ever has happened in my life. Because God uses it all, It is so easy for me to talk to so many, Why? BECAUSE I LIVED IT! I SURVIVED IT! You can not look me in the eye and say, “you do not know how it feels.” GET THAT WOO HOO OUT OF HERE!


Anyways. It is a lot of years later and again I thank God for all things that ever happened to me. God used them all to teach me SOME AMAZING THINGS!

Life is hard, and before I use to take that credit, But honestly I survived it all only with God and this is just truths. But nobody wants to hear them religious messages, I get it. I once walked in them steps also. There is not too many shoes I have not danced in, I have two stepped all over. I am more then sure I had my dance slippers on and I been to many balls. and malls all over.

I prayed for food, For shelter. I had enough to feed many. So many shoes, I have tried on, and I don’t even know which I like most, Then I just see God, has had me trying on different pairs of shoes so I can dance in His parade, and I am loving this moment! and just happy I am alive to tell it! God bless everybody! I pray you have blessed beautiful day, and welcome to Just Jeannine and inside of my mind. Now is your warning, Run because oh no! Here she goes! AMAZING! God bless everyone! Have a blessed evening, to God be all the glory Amen! Jesus loves you!




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