Complaining never solves anything

I always see so many talking about Americans,and America. I see why, but to the Americans who live in our country. Have you looked at other countries?  Have you taken into consideration? If our country is so shameful, How about MOVE!  GO TRY YOUR LUCK IN ANOTHER CONTINENT.


You know God does not like people who complain, neither murmur. I know, nobody wants to hear about God, but if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. if America is so ugly what are you doing to clean it up? Are you speaking to kids? Are you picking up trash? are you doing anything to help our country be better? Then if not please move, or hush or something.  COMPLAINING DOES NOT CHANGE ANYTHING! Only actions do my friends! TRUTHS!

Lord I thank you for our country Lord, The land is awesome!!! and so be the freedom!!! but a lot of the people who walk in the country just have ugly hearts and an ugly mentality . Help them to not point blame Lord, but if their hearts hate the land they live in, change their hearts God, so that they can make change in this wonderful land we have been given.


Sorry folks, go spend some time in other countries, and you will learn to love America. Do all people have problems? Are there countries worst then ours?  Just seems like instead of people who complain. Lets clean up our country, and to all the countries who look at us. How about you guys also stop complaining, and clean up your own back yards.


Tired of all the cry baby whiners. Don’t like where you live? BE DIFFERENT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!! CHANGE STARTS WITH IN!  Shalom God’s people of the world.  I pray God give many strength and wisdom to do things to help our freedoms and prayerfully restore some morals to our country!  THE LAND IS AWESOME! ONLY THE PEOPLE’S HEARTS IS WICKED!  Something to consider my friends!  Blessings from the Most High GOD!

A Healing Word by Michelle Stokes

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