COME as You ARE!

Jeannine Stokes

 So I prepared my heart to receive upstanding, to seek knowledge, I set my eyes on the Lord. I made my mind ready to receive Him.

Humble yourself before God and you shall be exalted. You shall be lifted up with knowledge. with wisdom, with understanding. with in sights. with things that are pleasing to God, because you have pleased God. (Are pleasing)

Seek the finer, priceless things in life and you will find peace. The simple things of this world is only one simple thing, and that simple thing is the most complicated thing in this world.

head strung, haughty people are to hard to please. God is simple. He says come to me as you are. People will tell you. you are not worthy. Let me show you how worthy you are, God will tell you. People will break you. The LORD says, I WILL MEND YOU!

People will say that you are a sinner there is no hope for you. God says. I came for people like you. He came to be your Comforter. He came to offer you His peace, which is peace of mind. Rest in this world. He came to be your friend. The BEST FRIEND YOU WILL EVER NEED!

Thank you God for coming and walking the earth and dying for us on the cross. Thank you for speaking truth. Thank you to bringing us to God. The Father. Our Creator.Our wonderful Maker. Thank you LORD JESUS! For making sooooo many promises that you until this day keep!

if you are out there broken hurting and don’t know what to do. Start calling out to God,Start talking to Him when nobody sees. Start watching God, help you. You can cry on His shoulder. You can tell Him your worries. Your fears. Your everything! and He will not even judge you except to help you go forward in this life time.. NOW THAT IS TRULY AMAZING MY FRIENDS AND I AM LIVING PROOF AND SO ARE OTHERS!

I pray you call on the Lord today and ask God to help you. Just know He will, cry to Him, talk to Him, tell Him your fears, your doubts, YOUR EVERYTHING! Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.Put the Word of God in you. They are promises. AND WHEN GOD MAKES PROMISES HE KEEPS THEM! Let not your heart be evil. Have a blessed day and I pray these words be a blessing to your soul, in Jesus name Amen!


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