Christianity in America

Hello fellow Christians. Now my post is mostly to Americans, and to those who get offended I pray you don’t.  I speak to Americans because I am American, and God has really taught me to look with in, as Jesus has also, and I apologize to your beliefs but I myself believe God and Jesus to be ONE.

In America, our country has freedom of religion.  I am very thankful of such things, but aware enough to realize this is not the truth in all countries.  But I honestly can not look with in other countries, although I pray for all, I see the condition of my own country as with other countries also.

I am not going to argue the semantics of any man’s religion. I pray God just lead all people to truth. Now so many focus on Americans, but I am always wondering why? Are there other countries with murderers? With poverty? With bad leaders?

I once prayed for Donald Trump out loud,  and a bunch of people tried to rebuke me on my page. To bad they never asked me, I would of told them I pray for all my leaders always.  Because it is what God taught me to do. Same as Jesus.

I believe in God and I apologize to the one’s who don’t, but also in my country again we have freedom to chose. I pray each person who read this look with in them self and their houses. The grass is not always greener on the other side. We all really need to be looking in our own back yards. If your yard is dirty clean it up, plant seeds, water the yard? pray for rain, something has to be better then us all pointing fingers.

Maybe I am a fool, but I see the world in a sadden state. The end could be here. It could be not. But if every generation thought as us, where would we be now? If none of our parents thought about our future were would we be?

If Jesus was the only one that ever died for us, again where would we be now? For so much of the world does not even believe in Jesus and many claim to, but look at the world now. How can these things be? For the past reminds of us of our future, and some things shouldn’t be forgotten.  I think all people have brains? I do not want to call any man stupid. For I have seen the most simple people say highly intellectual things.

Anyways to the Christians who walk among us. I pray and even all people who will. I pray we all look with in our self. With in our houses, and even with in our own countries.

Anyways you can call me the devil. You can call me names. You can call me dumb. You can call me naive. Names  can make and  break a person. I pray many of us consider our words before we speak them. Have a blessed day God’s people of the world whoever you be God does know us all by name.

Shalom and God bless the readers and I pray each day we just do things to make God happy, and in Genesis God Spirit is breathed with in us, and in Romans it says each man be born with some measure of faith.  I do not know who will or won’t be saved. I know I trust God as I pray we all do, each man was born to live and live to die. What we will we do with our lives?  More on this subject later. Have a blessed day family of God also to be  called the Body of Christ!

Written by Michelle Stokes,

Food For Thought

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