Cheaters Generation

We live in a cheaters generation, and if you are a cheater reading this you probably want to leave now.  BUT before you go I want you to just think about something. recent studies show people are catching kids with condoms, can you catch diseases wearing them too? Anyways this is probably where you want to exit it out. Anyone else who is interested in a little bit of advice. please continue to keep reading.


If you really love someone. You love them not with your body parts.  If you love your wife and I pray it be husbands and wives, not two people just sleeping together.  I pray you be watchful through your relationships.  marriages were to last a life time. In life many things can happen to test and try your marriage.  This is life friends. But for now I speak a little less broader. I speak about (to?) the cheating spouse.


Nobody on this planet wants to be cheated on, unless you are just into group sex, which does still seem to cause problems. With that said again I am just really speaking to couples who plan on being together forever. It is easy when you have to go to work, to start looking at coworkers.  especially as many hours as people have to work in today’s time to survive. I pray many start really thinking how would I feel if my wife cheated on me? Would I want my husband flirting with the boss?


If both couples really started treated each other how they want to be treated then our marriages would last. if you would not want it done to you, you probably should not do it. Distance yourself. Flee from inappropriate conversations. Always look at the neck up then you won’t even be tempted. This advice goes to both sexes.


Realize lust is not love. Love is I will control myself, because I would never want to make my spouse cry. I made vows to love, honor and cherish. and flee from them thoughts. People don’t just fall in bed by accident. You don’t “just cheat”  Start thinking ahead friends. Also the I was drunk excuse is lame too. Don’t drink around other men or women if you can’t control yourself. Stay home and give it to your wife or husband.


Just food for thought, and I do pray it bless s new generation of marriages that last lifetimes!  God bless everyone! Shalom!

Food For Thought

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