The Word of GOD! So in love!

Your Word comforted and comforts me daily! it soothed (soothes me also!) me! it saved me! it healed me! it brings me new life daily! it guides my feet! It strengthens my heart! It empties my soul and fills it with gold!  It renews my spirit! it sets my heart on fire for you. It fills me with desires. it settles my cravings. It drives me. it motivates me. It is a blessing to my soul! To pick it up. To read it! I keep it instilled with in me! It conforms me! it forms me! it transformed(and transforms me) me! It leads me!


Faithful and true are you and a Wonderful God you are! precious in my sight. in my mind, in my soul, and spirit! Thank you for redeeming me and setting me free! Thank you for your patience and answering my questions. Faithful and true are you! <3 <3 Love letters to you I write to you GOD! and I thank you for inspiring me God! Just WONDERFUL YOU ARE! <3 <3 So in love with GOD! <3 His Word is the sweetest perfume I know!!! the best smelling cologne!!! It is so pleasant on my eyes. it is good for my soul! So in Love with God’s Word!  the sweetest thing I know!! <3 God is WONDERFUL! Totally in love with JESUS! <3

Today is a good day!!

Today I a woke with much joy in my heart which seems to be the normal, since I found God, Or God found me? Not sure which to be true. But I awoke in morning prayer, and I give God thanks for this day. I pray this joy spread like a consuming fire into the hearts of many!


I pray for the orphans, the widows, the forgotten, the lost, the saints, the sinners. All God’s creation!  I lift the world up in prayers! I do not know who be God’s or whether any man be lost, For with God none are lost and God can do the impossible. So instead of sit as a judge I lift my voice in praise, and in worship, and I thank God I woke today so I can bless the Lord with my lips, my deeds and my actions!



Blessed be the LORD, and blessed be the ones who seek the LORD wholly!  I pray the Lord manifest the Holy Spirit with in the hearts, souls, and minds of many, in Jesus name Amen!

Have a blessed day dear people. and Shalom!  Again I say WONDERFUL ARE YOU LORD!  Amen!

A Priceless Blessing

The other day I was in a store and a lady came in selling shoes. Now I have seen many people rebuke these types of actions, but instead the man paused and said, what size are the shoes. The lady spoke to him and he replied. I can’t use those sizes he said what you need money for? She said my kid needs diapers. The man pulled out a 20 and handed it to her. The lady cried and hugged the man, and said thank you sir, that is a blessing. She thanked God for him to. Then she looked at her friend and said, I told you there were angels among us. I fully confess I cried too. I said, yes it sure is a blessing, even to witness more or less to receive. I felt like that man gave me a 20.  Thank you God for allowing me eyes to see such thing. #TeamJESUS! <3 <3


The Lord knows me and without a doubt knew, also I needed to see this!  Thank you Lord for hope!  You are WONDERFUL! and thank you for angels who walk among us! <3 <3

Feeling down? Here is the cure!

My prayer for all who read this. I pray it help you get through the storms in your times of need. God bless and Shalom family of GOD!

When tribulations come. Rejoice unto the LORD always! When hurt and suffering come, THE JOY OF THE LORD IS OUR STRENGTH! When the wicked one throws fiery darts at us, Again rejoice unto the LORD always. For God does test those whom He loves. Do not despise chastisement. Let us examine the Book of Job ,or even Look what become of Jesus.

The path to LIFE is not easy but indeed is worthy of living a Righteous life, in doing all things pleasing unto the Lord.

Rejoice Saints, Children, people even! rejoice in the Lord, for INDEED IT IS OUR STRENGTH. Rest and wait in the LORD also Saints! Do not despise the day you were born, but rejoice and be glad in it. Be glad GOD called you into LIFE my friends! for only the devil wishes for you to have an unhappy ending. Let us put our eyes on the finishing line, and Keep God’s Word instilled with in! then we shall be like a tree of LIFE! Able to withstand all seasons and storms and weather! AGAIN REJOICE MY FRIENDS!

Shalom Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus. I pray this give many people strength in their hour of need. God bless us and help us all walk in ways pleasing to God. May the Lord be with you and strengthen our numbers greatly! Shalom Brothers and Sisters! <3<3 I invite all who read to come and join me on facebook. <–clickable link) also feel free to bookmark this page


The Righteous Blood of Abel

I pray the peace of God cover many, I pray the the Lord shine His Light among many people and that He lead the way for a great nation of people to rise up, and over cone their present evil. Lead us out of temptations Lord and deliver us from our evil.
On this day, I pray the Lord give many their daily bread.  That He feed us with His comforting Word. That the presence of the Holy Spirit make itself known in your life, in your houses, souls, and minds.
I pray the Good Lord lead many back to remembrance of all people that died so we can live. all the way back to the Righteous blood of Abel and even under the Blood covering of Jesus. I pray that God help many be at peace with in their hearts, minds, and thoughts and all things that work to God’s good.
Not the peace men have to offer, but the kind that comes from the Lord. It is better then any silver, or gold, or fine wine, even honesty, all things the people can give. God’s Spirit is peace, it is LIFE, it is breathed with in our nostrils and I pray the Lord lead us in ways to restore many Kingdoms here on earth as it is heaven.
Today is a good day to just praise God. Any who wish to pray for our nations, and leaders, and just feed our self the Word daily. Praise, sing unto God, is more then welcome to come and like my page for daily inspiring messages. Let’s just have a good time and invite the peace of God to cover us! This was inspired from my morning Song posted here. (clickable link)
Also I pray for patience for all who are keeping up with me. This is a work in progress!  #Blessings from God!   Shalom! <3 <3

Prayer for Moms!

Prayers for Moms. God I come before you today, not to forget any men, but to just give the Women a special prayer. Ladies I lift you up to God, today in prayer. With out woman not one man on this earth would be here today. We thank you God for our Moms. and for the ones who do not have Moms or been abandoned I just want you to know the Lord promised to be a Father to all who were abandoned by their parents.


I pray God comfort the heart of woman and that the Lord just show you how beautiful you are. I pray for your strength. I pray for your comfort. I pray the Lord just give you peace of mind and that all of us Moms, and women who are not Mom’s even just start remembering how special you are in God’s eyes. You are appreciated and loved by God. The Lord be with the reader and just bless your heart, mind, and soul! Shalom family in God, also to be called the Body of Christ!

Peace be unto the Fathers also.. You are special. I pray the Lord help men be noble, be filled with compassion. That He teach you how to love and lead you in mighty ways. I pray the Lord give you courage, and strength to be a strong Men of God, I do not mean to be strong (physical, but mentally) and that He help many of you be good husbands and good leaders, and rise up as Men of God. In the name of the Lord, I pray the Lord lead many to wisdom, sound mind and good doctrine! Shalom Dear People! <3 <3  Psalms 27 is a beautiful Psalm, Please feel free to read the full Chapter on your own!

The Lord be with us all for we do all need it!
Psalm 27:10-14 King James Version (KJV)

10 When my father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up.

11 Teach me thy way, O Lord, and lead me in a plain path, because of mine enemies.
12 Deliver me not over unto the will of mine enemies: for false witnesses are risen up against me, and such as breathe out cruelty. 13 I had fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. 14 Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.


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