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Rich thoughts

I am just reflecting on life. So I am going to try and write this without judging. because honestly what I seen, always seemed to be good and bad people on every crowd. When I was younger I hung with so many different life styles, so many cultures. I seen a lot of sides in…

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Helping hand

✌️✌️ <3 <3 Peace and love! Shalom! Just keeping it real! I pray this video help any move forward and think about their actions! Shalom dear people! Your approach is your outcome! if your thinking is stinking lets clean house together! I love you guys! Shalom! 🙂 Just food for thought!

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Being a man

Michelle Stokes Being a man, (what they told me in my generation) and ladies if we have to be the men then so be it. In fact I pray this message touch the hearts of ALL people. It is not manly throwing punches. ANYONE can do that stuff. in fact do it once it becomes…

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The battle is real

More so then fighting a battle against high powers. lets not forget the battle of the flesh that each human on this planet goes through my friends. the human nature can be wicked. it can be haughty, in can be prideful. it can cause the destruction of men. it can destroy the unity of family.…

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A new car

Motivated by Michelle Stokes Win me over with deeds not speech. You ever notice car salesmen will say ANYTHING to get you to buy their car? Words don’t attract me. What does attract me IS ACTIONS! I know not many women are like me, and I apologize. I pray many more woman learn to be…

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the turn down generation

The turn down generation. This is for a new generation for today’s generation is all about turning up. and turning up means many things depending on the crowd you’re in. Some turn up cocaine, some turn up heroin, some turn crack, and meth and to you folks hey keep on partying and having a good…

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Cheaters Generation

We live in a cheaters generation, and if you are a cheater reading this you probably want to leave now.  BUT before you go I want you to just think about something. recent studies show people are catching kids with condoms, can you catch diseases wearing them too? Anyways this is probably where you want…

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What you put in you

What you put in you. I was not born holy and neither will i say I am now. Who is holy but God? I do know that when I was out there listening to worldly music. Worldly things is what I did. when my eyes were in darkness so was my whole member. Thank God…

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