Terrorist in our own country

How about we discuss the heroin addict number that is growing in our country? let them nuke us, I mean why act like you care if we die? Cities being over come by a terrorist right now as we speak, an enemy lives with us and it is killing thousands daily, and we let in our country. so what be the point in stopping a nuke from hitting us, if you care not how many people are dying of drugs? There is an epidemic of heroin using going around. There are many homeless dying every day. how about we try battling some of this terrorism in our own country? Why look at others willing to kill us, when we care not if we kill ourselves? Can anyone answer me with some sound logic? I fully admit, I am not that smart but this world does NOT make an ounce of sense, and I seem to be one of the only who even sees or care.

The rate our country is going we won’t need anyone getting even with us. or coming after us. Don’t worry guys we taking out our own self. and what the drugs don’t get, the AIDS will! and all the black guys saying black lives matter rapping to their own people, telling everyone to have sex with lots of people. But good job because many color people follow them rappers and they leading everyone into a HIV infection party spread around, and while you’re AT TURN UP!

Soon many jobs will open. Grave digger will be the new top labor. Because the way we heading won’t be long until we take out our own self. Open your eyes people. REAL TALK!

Adult Context-Random Thought

I once was faithful to men. In fact probably one of the most devoted women around and it got me no where. Now my devotion is to God and there is peace and happiness. I could never buy and no relationship ever gave me and that is just truth. I don’t want to go back to worldly relationships and that is just truth.
Nobody in the world wants a devoted woman, they want thots and ho’s and when a good man or woman comes along they are overlooked and walked all over, like trash and that is just what this world has become. For all the people seeking love, just love God. God won’t ever let you down. He lifts you up in your time of need and gives you peace and joy no man or woman can give.
God hears our tears so if you’re lonely, marry Jesus. Even if you are a man, marry God. the spirit is invisible and is sometimes considered a women through out the bible also, so whoever you are, God can be your mate and in the hour we live in probably will be the best relationship around! pray to God and ask God to help you. to take away sexual desires. and then you won’t feel so lonely.
Get a stuff animal to hug. Turn off that music that tells you, you need love in a man or woman and you will do good. In the hour we live in it is not wise to keep having sexual partners. Not sure it ever was, but I do see why we should marry. so many meeting strangers and trying to turn love, out of one night stands, with people you are not even compatible with, and if you had just got to know each other, you would know this. but we all want sex and then we want to live happily ever after.
nobody even knows what love is. most people lust and call it love then end up miserable later.
two are better then one, and if you are alone just pray to be strong. You can’t hug your self or hold yourself, but for the most part God makes it all worth it. better to be alone with God then to be in dead end relationships. P.S. get a dog or a cat or an animal, if you have to, something to take away the loneliness. Get a hobby, again pray and ask God to take away the desires. Seems to work well in my life. I confess not always but for the most part works a great deal more then it does not.
This advice is not for everyone because most people will just succumb to lust and would rather hurt then refrain and that is truth. masturbation has to be the lesser evil, to fornication. At least people are not dying from masturbating but they are from having many partners. again I would pray God take desires from me as I did and I thank God for answering prayers!
Random thought and prayerfully it can help someone out there.Go ahead and judge me. I do not care! Real advice for real people. Hear me or don’t! Shalom!

A Light in the darkness

The truth about Jesus. Jesus Who is the Christ (Christ is not the last name of Jesus, my friends) died for our sins. But so many think that is to wash the sinners. they sit not at Jesus feet. They receive wayward messages, that lead them by the way side. they seek not truth for they take bits and pieces of the Word and they read it not whole. A bible study good to know, does anyone know what the word “pharisee” means? If not, go look it up. In fact look up many words. but don’t just blame the churches! many sit and see one side of the bible and it is because their hearts are harden. They seek not full truth or some know it and chose not to preach it. for their own profit or greed or even vanity, and that is just what the world is and if one sat at Jesus feet you see even Jesus did say this.
They judge us by outwardly appearances. They know not our hearts, our deeds or our actions. It is fine I point not fingers at them for when Jesus was about to be nailed to the cross the people had an option, let Barabbas go they said. ( a murderer) and so it was. Then even the King could of stopped it, but he did wash His hands and by such all people are guilty by God. there is not one righteous. Not one holy, they all let Jesus die on the cross. I am not perverting the Gospel! the truth be told I am speaking it whole. not from one side, one point of view, but that is a simple version of Jesus.
All were guilty before God and had Jesus not of came they would of had a cloak for their sins. (We are washed clean by the blood of Jesus everyone was found guilty!) Anyways the hour is and always has been God is the INVISIBLE GOD! The Holy Spirit. with in us my friends. and not everyone is Spirit lead, for the Spirit is truth, and if you don’t want truth you will not find God. and the Holy Ghost shall bring you back to remembrance. even the Spirit of truth whom many can not receive, because they see God not. neither do they seek God.
So they are given unto a reprobate mind. Able to do all things wicked the mind can imagine and by such many are sadden and they suffer in their sins and many go through much tribulations because they know not God. and that is again the Word simple. God is LIFE unto the people but the people prefer dark to LIGHT. they don’t understand the only thing that fills the void is GOD…To be continued…….

God’s heart

God did not call us to fear. He did not call us to separate His BODY! He did not call us to worry, nor doubt. GOD called us to His heart! the heart of worship! The heart of love. The heart of honor, and God’s heart was sent to this earth to save the people, not condemn any. God is calling us not to chop off body pieces but to be kept with in the bosom of His heart! Come back to the heart of GOD friends! There is much love here!! Plenty to share!! Perfect love cast out all fears. it cast out all anxieties. it cast out all doubt. It cast out everything not of GOD and helps you walk WHOLLY with GOD. HOLY is the LORD GOD Almighty and you can not get to heaven by chopping out your heart. This is truths I tell you to any who want to receive it, and trust me when I say I will not cry for any who do not receive it. for my feet are all ready too busy REJOICING! No hurt, or anger here, my friends!. We all have free will. and it is written those who reject the peace of GOD it will be like Sodom and Gomorrah for them so I pray many receive this parable with GLADNESS! God take away their stony hearts and give them one fashioned after JESUS!   What A WONDERFUL GOD WE SERVE! Written by A Healing Word by Michelle Stokes.

Guilty as charged- Punish me!!

I love everybody. but sometimes I just have to get away. I think all people should find time to be alone. To meditate. I say pray. But whatever, sit down and put your life in order. When you examine the story of Jesus you see the guy was always caught praying. I understand this. The spiritual battle is real. if you don’t take time to pray you are not going to make it in life. I pray many people start trying to find God.

Sit with Jesus and learn some amazing things. but honestly I would not try an sit with Jesus to learn things. But to instead listen. God does not want us to sin friends. What is sin? Ask God. pray and seek truth. Knock and the door will be open for you. Come to God as you are. Seek with your heart, mind, and soul, and let your mind not be evil. Many a season I spoke a message and I watched many thief steal my message. but the thing is I gave them for free. You can not steal what was freely given.

Do not cast your pearls before swine they say. But I believe God can even save the swine. I believe we came from the dust of the ground. I believe my bible friends. from beginning to end. I do not doubt God. In the bible it is written to turn the other cheek. I pray people turn their butt cheeks and walk away from evil.

In the bible it is written to wipe the dust off your feet if they do not accept you, but I pray many knock off the dust of their bibles. Knock on the door of LIFE and JESUS will answer. if I not come on often forgive me. If I over post forgive me. If I say over and over read your bible. Pray. find God. I ask not to be forgiven but instead I say God judge me. for a lot people have told me they are judges and I am bold when I say God I believe only you are judge. I believe you gave all judgement to Jesus but God I also know you can not come against yourself and I know that You are God so with that said. I ask you God, to what forgive me? For telling them to read the bible? For telling them to pray? For telling them to seek your face? God can I be forgiven for such things? and if so can I be rewarded for all my years I wrote for free. never complaining. Never asking for a penny. Should I be punished for this too friends? if so God please in Jesus name judge and punish me?, God, and judge me justly and if I be wrong please punish me and if not open up doors for me. For I mean if I am to be punished for telling people to pray. repent. fear God, love God, seek God with reverence. honor God. Obey God, read the Gospel. hear God’s Words. By then all means punish me! God I stand guilty as charged!

A Healing Word by Michelle Stokes