Call us in LORD!

Michelle Stokes

Lord Jesus I pray call your people into the gates of the city. Lead them into the Light and out of darkness. Plant us a new garden here on earth oh God, as it is in heaven. Cover our head with your oil. Keep us on the path to LIFE precious GOD.

I pray you help many people armor up and get dressed also. That none be left behind naked in the wilderness, hurting and suffering. I pray you lead a great multitude of people to do your will here on earth. Help us seek your face daily and give you thanks for providing unto us all things.

We lift our voices to you oh God, we give you praises in and out the building. We pray in our closets. all over the world and to all nations. We sing songs of joy to our GOD who is in heaven watching and we care not what men think of us, because we sing unto the LORD who is watching. For our maker the ONE and only who see all thoughts, and all deeds. no sin is left unseen and we pray to God. whom we do trust. Lord we thank you for having mercy on us, we are sinners and do not want to anger you GOD. Help a great multitude of YOUR people walk up right.

Hallowed be your name LORD as it is written you are a Holy God so wonderful and it is written you would show your love for thousands of generations to those who love you!

Then the Son came and walked in the full love of GOD, It is beautiful to behold the eyes of our Maker our King the LORD of Host is His name other wise to be known as JESUS, also known as the Christ! We bless you oh God, who when you said, I AM that I AM! it was such a truthful comment, and thank you God for having JESUS bring us back to remembrance of the beauty of our Maker. Wonder are you oh GOD! Almighty Counselor! Thank you JESUS in your name we pray Amen!


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