Being single with a purpose!

Handy things to do while you are single waiting for your Queen or King to arrive. I have been single many years and honestly I think I am a pro at it. I fully admit, for the first few years, I probably sat around and booo hooo myself to death. I got depressed and wallowed in self pity. It was not pretty and neither did it get me anywhere.

But I had been in a bad relationship for 11 years, playing wifey to a man who would not wife me. I am faithful regardless, and even though he would not wife me, I fell into role of wifey. I am not playing house with anyone, anymore. No fornicating, Sorry, I learned the very hard way. I want nothing to do with anyone who will not marry. Too old to play games and wait around for fairy tales.

Either way, after a few years of being single, I realize those 11 years had me locked away in a box, and somehow over night the world had changed. People no longer wanted to commit. Everyone wants to just eff and do all kind of things, I won’t write about. To each their own, I am not a judge. But I do have say over my life, and I myself don’t want certain things around me.

So I decided I would not settle. This turned into a few more years. But I was stuck in a circle of self pity, depression, I packed on many pounds, and was not happy with myself. So I said what the heck. I am not dead yet, and neither will I let this guy kill me. See even though our relationship was over. I was stuck in stinking thinking, from being abused for so long, and so I said I will not let this man win. I started exercising. I lost a lot of weight. I started working on me.

The more I worked on me the less I want a man. For honestly no offense, a man against you is highly over rated. I love myself before I love you, and no I am not selfish, but If I don’t love me first, then I allow you to do whatever you want to me, it does not work out for my best interest. Sorry fellas since I do love me, and think of me. How would it be if I let someone into my life who does not think of me, as I do?

I mean if your man is not with you, is he against you? and honestly who really wants to be sleeping with the enemy? I know I don’t anyways. To all the men and ladies out there who are single. Instead of trying to find a mate, put all that time and effort into yourself. That way you can be single with a purpose. Buy stuff. Work on projects. get in shape, exercise. make your self more appealing, so that way you will not be broken for the next person. Just some good advice to any who will take it. I love you. it’s time for you to think of yourself, as I do. Real talk! God bless the readers, and I pray God fill many with wisdom and a will to LIVE, Shalom dear people!

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