Beauty with in

Young lady I pray GOD help you see your inner beauty. That GOD help you learn you don’t have to be naked to be beautiful. That you don’t have to paint 100 pounds of make up on your face to try and conform to a world full of ugly. I pray GOD help all the women get some self esteem, that GOD help you see your worth.That GOD help you save yourself until marriage..That GOD help you discover your inner beauty.

I pray the LORD teach you the true meaning of love, and that He fill you with patience to wait for your husband. I pray the Lord help us women learn, to not chase after lust, but to be with men who love us. Men who will honor us and uplift us. I pray that the Lord help you see your inner beauty. Men who will marry us.

Many woman wear ten pounds of make up, and they run around trying to flaunt their bodies. But then when nobody is watching they cry in the dark, and they hurt then they ask God, why won’t anybody love me? I pray God help many ladies see the beauty with in them self, and if their be no beauty with in them. I pray the Lord draw out your natural beauty and teach you how to love GOD FIRST, Then perhaps many of us woman would be united with the husbands God always intended us to be with.

You are beautiful in the eyes of the LORD. The LORD wants you to give GOD your spirit, and your heart, and by doing so, GOD will lead you to the one GOD has intended for you. Lets get closer to GOD and discover our inner beauty, as we keep our eyes on GOD. I do not want to beautiful for the world. Only for my King who is not of this world! Do things to make God happy and all other things will fall into place! Written by A Healing Word by Michelle Stokes​, (<—clickable link, join me on facebook) for the glory of GOD! Shalom family!


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