Be Bold

I pray the Lord use many in ways they never seen before, I pray if your calling be to speak truths about politics, you speak loud and bold, I pray if your calling to be speak about herbs and medicines, you speak as you ought to be. I pray if your calling is to speak against violence.You open your lips and yell loud.

I pray if your calling is to be a pastor, a teacher, or preacher. keep preaching that WORD. I pray if your calling is poetry and song your lips and voice sing a sweet melody for God. I pray if your calling is to teach kids some knowledge, teach kids some manners, TEACH ON MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS, IT HAS COME TO A POINT WE NEED TO SPEAK UP ABOUT ALL THINGS.

LET THE TRUTH BE TOLD ALL THROUGH OUT THE WHOLE LAND! Every religion, every denomination, all people. I do pray many come out of their slumber and see ignorance is indeed killing us. Let all who are called speak now, Be bold! Be loud! Let them voices be heard! all through out the nations, in every country all over then you tell them all it is the LORD WHO TOLD YOU TO SPEAK! Tell them I AM has sent you! I AM JESUS! who came to set the captives free!

And the Lord has said fear no man, What He tells us to speak in the dark, we speak in the Light. Now is not the time to make friends, but at the same time, be a friend to many. For what friend spews lies? What friend wants you to stay ignorant? what friend wants you to die in their sins?

NOT I SAYS THE LORD! The Lord is our only friend. Jesus is the only friend and the truth shall set you free. I pray many nations, all colors, all people. Become the bold ambassadors of Christ and for truth as we were meant to be, in Jesus name Amen!

I don’t know who you are working for, or what you are called to do, But I pray my actions,, my deeds and my services bring many to you Lord, IN JESUS NAME AMEN!



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