Am I my Brother’s Keeper?

Am I my brothers keeper? If your answer is no BE CAREFUL! Because it should be YES! YES I AM!

Am I my brother’s keeper?, is what Cain said right after he murdered Abel. God did not want us leaving each other broken and breaking everyone down.The one’s who give no cares for others are not of God my friends, they could be if they wanted to be, but just like Cain they do not repent nor are they sorry. They are the ones who reject God. Children of disobedience.

Years ago many people had God parents, and I am not talking about the God Father drug movie, my friends. Which I also find it odd. am I my brothers keeper is most known from a movie, “New Jack City” Which just happens to be another drug movie.

In New Jack City, Wesley Snipes ask that right before he shoots his best, brother friend. Well at least the movie did not misquote scripture because just as Cain Murdered Abel. in the movie Wesley shoot somebody. I also see how in God Father a gangster gives all types of gifts. The devil knows the scripture too, my friends and he sure does love to mock God and most people can’t even see it.

If you ask a great multitude of where the line came from, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Most will say, New jack City. I say do you even know it is scriptures? Honestly I have never had one person who knew it is a scripture , Which to me is really sad.

years ago we use to have God Parents They were close friends to the parents and they are one, ones, or one who would take over a kid, if the persons left earth too early. (passed away-died) Other people would make vows to God. that they would look over the other’s children. IT WAS AND IS THE RIGHTEOUS THING TO DO!

Am I my brothers keeper? YES I AM! Why do you think so many preaching Jesus to you. They are trying to be your brother. A brother saves a brother. The enemy pushes you in the fire.

Be careful of people who think too much of them self. For in God’s Kingdom. Leave no man behind. But also people have to accept God. Because it is up to the individual to accept or reject on their own..

If he is not your brother and does not want to be kept by hearing life saving words. Then that is when it is time to wipe off the dust off your feet and keep moving. That is not my brother. I do pray your brother look after you then. But seriously does the devil care about you? His fruit is to lie, to murder, to rob.

So BE CAREFUL the ones who answer no to. am I my brother’s keeper? do not have good fruit my friends, and if you are not good what are you then? is there an in between? Either way there was not really any point to this, but on a side note. It would be nice if I started seeing more people bring God parents back. I doubt it will happen, But in my dream world everyone sees why God is needed. Come heaven! Come quickly! God bless everybody! I pray you have a blessed beautiful day in Jesus name Amen!

Written by A Healing Word by Michelle Stokes, (Clickable link)


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