All nations, All people

So many people judging everyone. But you know what here is a simple sin (and truth) sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many liars going going to burn in the eternal lake of fire where all liars and false prophets go. So instead of people looking at Michelle Stokes, I do pray many people start trying to look at GOD and do things to make GOD happy. Peace unto them that accept GOD and woe unto any who reject GOD!

Hear oh Nations all people The LORD GOD is the ONLY GOD! Repent and turn to GOD! If you can not obey ten simple commandments NO WAY ON EARTH, OR HEAVEN OR HELL YOU WILL EVER SEE GOD! REPENT!

GOD said tell them I AM sent you and SO I DID! God please you yourself come against ALL LIES IN THE WORLD! We need your help down here SEND EVERY HOLY ANGEL OUT THERE GOD! WE NEED YOU LORD!

Some of us do not wish to anger GOD! TRUTH BE TOLD GOD DOES NOT LIKE LIARS! REPENT! and God bless any who obey GOD! I don’t mean to murder or slaughter. THOU SHALL NOT KILL! again if you can not obey TEN SIMPLE THINGS! There is without a doubt no hope for you! A TRUE MESSAGE! But please try GOD, not me! as everyone in this planet I have to answer to GOD too my friends!

Anyways pray for strength to walk away from all things not pleasing to GOD. The WORD says resit the devil and he will flee. Time to become wise to who GOD is! Something for the people to consider. Believe it or not! I pray many are blessed by this message regardless. Hate the sin not the messenger. Thank you in advance! I love you enough to speak truth that is a blessing for real! God is REAL! Follow JESUS!


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