Adam and Eve LOVE

In the beginning God made Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve were created on earth, NOT HEAVEN like many think. You can read Genesis and find this to be true. I say this so people realize until this day we are men and women.. Until this day we are given the same choice as them. Don’t eat the wicked fruit. and so many blame Adam and Eve. Why did God allow these things?
Well if people really pray, or study or read. You will learn with out bad you do not understand good. God blessed us all with free will. But if we are not obeying things, blessings are cursed. For when we do evil. Evil does fall back on us.
When you start reading the bible you learn, they did not eat an apple. That is a different subject. Today’s message is going to be more about man and woman. So many think love is the feeling in between their legs. Oh she smells good, I can’t wait to kiss her. She is beautiful I love her. This is not love.
Part of love is long suffering, but due to what ever reason nobody ever wants to hear this stuff. I think televisions makes us believe we can find love in three days. Or even meet some stranger and have sex and live happily ever after again. Almost every love story in the world promotes this stuff. So we all walk around miserable looking for Hollywood love.
God made Adam and each other to have until death. They completed each other. Adam and Eve had problems their own son slewed their son. No where in the bible do you see Adam and Eve got a divorce, or separated.
God knew life was hard and God made Adam to complete Eve. Now a days people don’t go through hard times. The minute they don’t feel that attraction they want to leave each other. get a divorce you don’t make me happy. I apologize marriage was never about happiness. it was about good times and hard times. We are to love our mates like God loves us. Many have stories about how God saved them and helped them through their times of need. if God isn’t leaving people in their times of need why are we?
The minute a spouse gets sick the other wants to run out the door and abandon people. To love is to love people when they are difficult. To see them through the sicknesses. Can you work out disagreements? Or do you quit the minute you are angered?
I pray their be a generation of people who learn the real meaning of marriages. That you sit with each other. grow with each other. learn from each other and really be the missing pieces that God designed to fit perfectly together.
many people have their heads in a cloud and sleeping with the wrong people is causing heartache and broken people all through the world. it is tearing down families. Filling the atmosphere with death and hatred and loneliness, and then people do evil things to the next person and they justify it. because it was done to them. or even worst the say all men and women are the same. So they start treating all people badly. We really have to open our eyes and stop chasing things that ought not be.
Life is full of bad times. it is full of good times and if you give up you will never get anywhere. I really pray God open doors to many and show people how to really love.
I will add unto this later for now food for thought. I pray everyone’s day is blessed and beautiful and God open the doors to wisdom in many about the real meaning of love, in Jesus name Amen!

Food For Thought

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