Abusive Women

Hello friends, readers, to the audience I say, take a seat, pull up a chair, I have some good sound advice to any who will listen, Also heed, because if not they just be words blown in the wind, Then if that be the case I pray it lands on someone else’s lap and it become a huge blessing and good food for their life, in Jesus name Amen. Sorry if the word Jesus offends you. I pray these words do not for they are truth. With that said. let us begin.


This is the introduction to a series I am writing. I say from the beginning, I am not picking on any. Again this is a series where I approach all members. We have all heard so many stories about men and women fighting. Usually most punishment always seems to fall on men,  Not always but a high percentage of cases do.  Men should know better, they say, and men should walk away. But here be the thing. I have been around many domestic violence situations, with many different colors of people, so I am not picking on any race, but speaking to people in general. They all seem to end the same. The results being a broken home.


Now I say from the get go, I am not on men’s side. My motto has always been, If you are putting your hands on each other, Then to me that means the relationship is over. But then this does without a doubt leave no room for repenting, and since I believe in God, I do know people can change, but not all people want to. They would rather point blame.


So with that said, I will explain some things I seen, Then I always ask myself. How is the men wrong? How much is he suppose to take? What happens when the man can not run away? The woman jumps in front of the door? and prevents him from leaving. The only way for a man to flee is to push her out the way, or some sort of something physical? Because the woman is not humble?  She screams at him. She punches the man in the face, (not once but many times) Spits on him. calls Him the p word and all types of thing? What does the man do then? Is provoking people to anger any better then physical violence? Is a woman hitting a man the same? How long do we justify bad behavior?


What happens if this behavior goes on for hours? What happens when the cops come and the woman goes to jail? (Which they are now doing.) But still it is mostly men who are the wrong, by the eyes of law usually.  Sorry I have seen too much domestic violence, in my life, and I always think I am a girl, and she did that to me I would beat her behind.


I believe in God and this is where I apply God’s Word. In Proverbs 15:1 it says a kind word turns away wrath. Ladies it is not ok to hit your men. If you don’t want to be hit, then why put your hands on them? If you don’t want to be spit on, why spit on them?  Abuses is abuse no matter who does it!!! Men I do not encourage you to hit your women either, But to do whatever you have to, to flee the scene.


Woman, mostly the ones who punch their men, and act all kinds of ugly are often the first to yell abuse when the police show up at the door. They are even the ones who called the police, completely over looking how they attacked first. Neither do they mention that when the cops show up.  Many women slander good men’s name, all because they are having a tantrum, because they can not get their way. This is not right ladies, so basically what you are saying is, Submit to me or I throw you in jail.  Seems to be the new way for many, and my friends these things ought not be.  All these things lead to broken homes, and just ask all the single parents, how much fun it is to do things alone?


Relationship are not about one. It’s two people. if your partner is abusing you, whether it be man, or woman, it is without a doubt time to move on, or seek counseling for both, and seek God also. I myself would say seek God, together, but since half the world does not want to hear about God. I pray God help you both humble. That the Lord Jesus becomes your mediator between your marriage. That who ever be the one angered, that you let the Lord teach you some anger management. That is my advice and prayers for many, who ever will hear, and I pray it be many.


I pray God help the people restore families, and homes and also lead you to be good husbands and wives, I pray nobody be stuck playing house either, (acting the part without the papers) but that two people get faithfully committed, and both humble them self before God, so that you may have a chance to fight all the ugliness, the devil will throw at relationships.


Prayer can move mountains for the ones who pray, but if you start praying for your relationship make sure you are looking at all your faults first, or don’t be surprised if your prayers fall into death ears. For God likes the ones who humble, not the ones who point fingers, faultless in their own eyes.  Are you guiltless before God? Examine our self my friends. This message is for all who it applies to!  Again, You can read it, you can hear it, but unless you apply it. They be just words blown in the breeze. I pray instead they land in the soil of many homes, and be used to plant life with in, and God help many people restore families, in Jesus name Amen!


God bless the reader, and thanks for keeping up with me. If anything I have wrote, or typed, touched you or helped you any type of way I invite you to come join me on facebook. This was written by A Healing Word by Michelle Stokes. (click link and like my face book for daily news feed!)  I pray the peace of God enter the readers, hearts, minds, and souls and God lead you to sound Wisdom to help you do good in this LIFE, my friends!  Shalom and have blessed day in the LORD! <3 <3


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