A Real friend

A friend to me is someone who loves me, and says girl, you know your butt looks big, maybe we should go to the gym or go work out. I know you got that right! High five! We high five each other, and we take off. She and I we have fun we work out together.

Hey girl we don’t need to be getting drunk like that out in public, why? Because girl men take advantage of ladies, and we are not tramps we love our self. We just going to have one or two and go home. Why, he looks fine? Girl ewl! You been drinking to much you need to come back in the morning, I bet you don’t say the same thing. Man girl thank you! so much you saved my life I am so glad you didn’t let me sleep with that guy! No problem girl! I hope you got my back like that too! I love you!  Yeah me too! I love girl. We have to look out for each other we are all we have. I have always been the good voice in the crowd, Even when I sinned I spoke right and wrong. I am the one who promoted the lesser evil in this conversation. We need to go home. I am that type of friend it is who I am, and have been for so long. Only I don’t hang out at the clubs anymore.

So many years I did this for many of my friends. I was the sober one now don’t get me wrong I loved and love weed and until this day I still love weed, but honestly it smells nasty, that loud smell gives me a headache. Weed ain’t even the same anymore. Besides I know better. I know I shouldn’t be smoking, I quit. I stopped, I quit, I picked it back up, Why because I wanted to, no other reason. I have lots of excuses though!, but nobody should hear them. I will not speak them. I did them because I wanted to plain and simple.

This is just truth I liked it. Some people have a lot worst drug problems then me. Trust me when I say I know that does not make me any better then you. Because regardless of the drug I am an addict I would tell you guys.You laughed at me. Girl your ok it’s ok to drink as long as you don’t drink to much. You can get high don’t worry about . You guys sorry, it is a lie. and I been saying it for many years. You can’t do these things. I see the fullness of it all now.

Being left behind as long as you are in bondage to any type of drug, any time of fornication, anytime of anything that God says is a sin is leaving you behind. Think of all the money spent. cigarettes, blunts papers. Tobacco. worst then that when we speak crack, meth, pills, cocaine how much money alone are you loosing? not to mind you we won’t even speak about your life or your soul.

So how much money did you loose last night in the bars? How many dollars went to a stripper? Are you going to keep putting money in the slot machines? are these things Godly? man a good sign is if it isn’t helping you go forward or is it holding you backwards. if it is not helping you advance in life.it is a hindrance. It is a stumbling block and it must be gotten rid of. I know we don’t want to hear these messages.

We want to say God oks all these things. Really then why does it all keep you behind? Stuck in poverty not getting anywhere.Over and over you repeat the same circle. Perhaps one day you can see the fullness of God, but trust me when I say the act of sin is just a viscous circle and the only way to get out of it is walk in a straight path. God really is the answer. The Higher Power. God the Most High my friends! Creator! Be blessed by this message and lean on the Word of God. Prayer works. God bless you and be with you in Jesus name Amen!


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