A Priceless Blessing

The other day I was in a store and a lady came in selling shoes. Now I have seen many people rebuke these types of actions, but instead the man paused and said, what size are the shoes. The lady spoke to him and he replied. I can’t use those sizes he said what you need money for? She said my kid needs diapers. The man pulled out a 20 and handed it to her. The lady cried and hugged the man, and said thank you sir, that is a blessing. She thanked God for him to. Then she looked at her friend and said, I told you there were angels among us. I fully confess I cried too. I said, yes it sure is a blessing, even to witness more or less to receive. I felt like that man gave me a 20.  Thank you God for allowing me eyes to see such thing. #TeamJESUS! <3 <3


The Lord knows me and without a doubt knew, also I needed to see this!  Thank you Lord for hope!  You are WONDERFUL! and thank you for angels who walk among us! <3 <3


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