A positive outcome

If you want a positive outcome hang around positive people. You want to learn? Hang around educated people. You want to turn your life around? Hang around people doing better then you. If the people doing better then you don’t want you in their circle. Then bury your nose in a book. The bible is a great book to bury your nose in. But my Mom use to say. You are who you hang out with. The ripple effect, sometimes it takes one person to do good. For a string of people to follow.

We all need an encouraging word. many people need leaders. We can say we are all equal, but this is just not a true statement. Some people run faster then others. Some people are stronger then most. Some lead others follow. Not everyone is a leader and us being different is what makes the world go around.

I pray instead of everyone thinking they are better then the next guy. We all take a moment and think of the other guy. or how we want to be treated. A few years back I was the nicest person online.Then I realize snakes come in all kinds of colors. Anyways I chose to be off outlandish. But I offer good advice to any who will take it.

Please don’t bother trying to figure me out. Many have tried and they all fail. Hell to be honest I don’t even know myself. I am great at giving advice and helping others but when it comes to having a lot of people pump compliments up my butt it really pushes me away for some odd reason.Mostly because again this is online. Stranger danger Will Robinson! (old t.v. show) showing my age *cough*

Anyways I love you guys. God loves you more! Follow Jesus. Be blessed by this message!


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