A New form of punishment

A new form of punishment! take your kids to Church!!! Most people run from Church and see it as a new form of torture. This is just my advice, I jokingly gave to someone earlier and now I say it in public since I have seen many of the children in this world.

If Church is a form of punishment, you as a parent should start taking your kid. Even if you do not believe in God, if you don’t and your kid is acting bad what do you have to loose? Just sit in Church and ignore the Pastor if you want. Perhaps sometimes we have to punish our self, in order to get our kids to listen. I do not think Church is punishment this is just for people who do not want to hear God.

If your kid is not listening and you want to “punish” them, try bringing them to Church. they will either hate it and start trying to do good so they don’t have to go. or it may change them. either way I don’t see a negative outcome. Hell who knows they could perhaps be saved and find the invisible God, and turn their whole life around. Either way they sure did that to me as a kid, AND THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!!!! IT SAVED MY LIFE!

As a kid, I did also think Church was a form of punishment. Either way get it in your kids, because whether you as a parent want to hear it or not, it CAN SAVE YOUR KIDS LIFE! and if your kid is rotten and nothing else has worked. Seriously what do you have to loose??? anyways this was some kind of twisted humor, for let me state it again I DO NOT THINK CHURCH IS PUNISHMENT IT IS A LIFE SAVER! The Word of God heals!!! make sure it is a bible preaching Church!

And probably most of these kids problem is they aren’t going to Church. Just a random thought and if the one I spoke to read this.I wasn’t double preaching at you! I just thought it funny, so I shared it in public! God bless everyone. I love you! God loves you more!


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