A new car

Win me over with deeds not speech. You ever notice car salesmen will say ANYTHING to get you to buy their car? Words don’t attract me. What does attract me IS ACTIONS! I know not many women are like me, and I apologize. I pray many more woman learn to be good women. Saying I love you does not mean anything to me, if you are talking to me like dirt. if you aren’t paying attention to me. Your words are vain. If I have to beg you to treat me a certain type of way then you are not the guy for me. So many men expecting to pay for jay jay. I bought you this. I did that. You friend zoned me blah blah blah. Sorry but perhaps if you went into your relationships like a bible scripture I will share. Give and expect nothing in return.

I don’t know about most women but I don’t need a car salesman pumping words up my fanny to buy their product!!! NO THANK YOU! Show me with your actions. Many times a lot of men will buy you gifts thinking that they will win the girl. That never worked for me. But honestly with me the longer you are with me the better your chances. I am sorry any body can say kind words, but a good friend is a good husband. I know in this hour nobody wants to hear this. We all want instant sex. relationship with strangers. Multiple partners then want to boo hoo about loneliness in the same breathe.

I pray many of you get on your knees and ask God to take away sexual desire. Ask God to lead you to your woman. (I pray you get your stuff together, FIRST-Matthew 7:5 ) If you are reading this I am not she. Sorry I am not interested in a relationship. But I do share how I feel praying it will help some men move forward. Honestly I do pray you find your women who came from your rib. Sorry friends i don’t need a car salesmen in my life. i all ready own a car. But I do love you men enough that I want you to move forward and find a good wonderful wife to marry. pray for things! so maybe then you can become a believer. Just my advice dear people! Reflection of the day. Luke 6:30-35. Motivated by Michelle Stokes

Food For Thought

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