A Light in the darkness

The truth about Jesus. Jesus Who is the Christ (Christ is not the last name of Jesus, my friends) died for our sins. But so many think that is to wash the sinners. they sit not at Jesus feet. They receive wayward messages, that lead them by the way side. they seek not truth for they take bits and pieces of the Word and they read it not whole. A bible study good to know, does anyone know what the word “pharisee” means? If not, go look it up. In fact look up many words. but don’t just blame the churches! many sit and see one side of the bible and it is because their hearts are harden. They seek not full truth or some know it and chose not to preach it. for their own profit or greed or even vanity, and that is just what the world is and if one sat at Jesus feet you see even Jesus did say this.
They judge us by outwardly appearances. They know not our hearts, our deeds or our actions. It is fine I point not fingers at them for when Jesus was about to be nailed to the cross the people had an option, let Barabbas go they said. ( a murderer) and so it was. Then even the King could of stopped it, but he did wash His hands and by such all people are guilty by God. there is not one righteous. Not one holy, they all let Jesus die on the cross. I am not perverting the Gospel! the truth be told I am speaking it whole. not from one side, one point of view, but that is a simple version of Jesus.
All were guilty before God and had Jesus not of came they would of had a cloak for their sins. (We are washed clean by the blood of Jesus everyone was found guilty!) Anyways the hour is and always has been God is the INVISIBLE GOD! The Holy Spirit. with in us my friends. and not everyone is Spirit lead, for the Spirit is truth, and if you don’t want truth you will not find God. and the Holy Ghost shall bring you back to remembrance. even the Spirit of truth whom many can not receive, because they see God not. neither do they seek God.
So they are given unto a reprobate mind. Able to do all things wicked the mind can imagine and by such many are sadden and they suffer in their sins and many go through much tribulations because they know not God. and that is again the Word simple. God is LIFE unto the people but the people prefer dark to LIGHT. they don’t understand the only thing that fills the void is GOD…To be continued…….

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