A broken vessel

A lot of times people are born of not many troubles, not many sorrows for what ever the reason be. Some may even be born with a silver spoon in their mouth, and some might just be ordained kings by birth, But something I noticed, it seems sometimes people do not understand things unless they lived them.


The holy message should never be forsaken, but when people lose their family and are hurting, then someone who has never lost at all says, I understand your pain. Most of the time the person who is hurting wants to punch the person who spoke such things. because they say. You could not possibly know how I feel. This is the truth.  God bless all people. God bless the holy, God bless the righteous, even God bless the sinners. I pray God help many of us find God. Sometimes it is real hard for people to understand or even hear someone who is perfect. Because it makes the suffering one not hear.


Jesus suffered for all, but honestly a lot of broken people don’t even want to hear about Jesus, and if you could see the things from down here you would probably see the same thing. So many sit on high horses that they are incapable of hearing anything. No compassion, no words of wisdom. Just like look down upon us. Because that is what Jesus did?  They all say God told them to judge, but yet lift them self higher then Jesus. That’s sad, but I am not a judge. but I can have feelings and in my opinion it is sad, But honestly if the people have eyes all you have to do is look around and see these things to be true.


God loved people so much God sent Jesus who judged no man, He spoke over and over about His Father. He prayed for many. He sat with sinners and told us about the Spirit of God.  Then so many sat and broke bread, and they prayed and the Church become and the people were all on one accord. Then a man who slaughtered the churches spoke so much wisdom and from beginning to end the Word of God is beautiful.  God did forgive them, and until this day God is ONE the SAME! Read, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, Read the whole bible. read it often and daily!  Good advice to live my friends!


I pray all people lets just listen to God, however we can. For some will say their churches are the only way, But the bible I read says Jesus is the only way. Honestly we should not forsake the assembly, or even just assembly our self together, and speak of God. But when one really follows God, the more you just want to love the LORD.


My messages are not for all people. Some people love to gossip. some love to spread rumors. others back stab and add to open wounds, keeping lies alive, spreading all things wicked, proceeding from their lips. I am not one of them. I do not claim to be perfect, but I indeed do pray in my closet, and in the open, all over. I do not claim to be holy, But there be many who say they are.  All I know all through the bible I read God wanted us to live. To listen to God, to worship God, to remember God, to honor God. to love God. To repent, To live. Jesus came in love my friends. THEY ARE ONE!  I pray instead of us all running around being judges that many try to be united in this world under GOD, By whom which all things were made.


Jesus wants us to live, to fear not, but to be in love with God. To fear God so you receive understanding. To love God with reverence and fear my friends. To find the LOVE OF THE SON! who is THE FATHER! Whether you want to say the Son of Man or Son or GOD, both be true my friends. Even if the people do not believe. I pray many of us follow Jesus and also incline their ears to the Word of God, That is all.  I love you guys and GOD without a doubt has loved men, women and child, for GOD did make them! Have a blessed day. Sin destroys, So does the devil. The devil has been an accuser and liar since the beginning, (you can actually find this in the Word of God, if one really wants to look.-sloth isn’t very Godly. Keeping it real!-sloth can be another word for lazy) One who divides my friends.  Worded also sows discord, in (KJV) I pray many come united in GOD, to be called the same Body of Christ also. Shalom!


I pray the Lord just restore the life of the reader, and God lead you on the way to His Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven.  Write the tablets in their hearts God, let them love them, and let them lead the people out of darkness. let them use it as a mighty guide to shine LIGHT and LIFE INTO THEIR HOUSES, HOMES AND BODIES!


God until this day still heals. still is the Potter. still can make a man out of dust. If your a dead vessel or even dust, ask God to breathe with in you NEW LIFE, Put the Word of God in your eyes and let it be a blessing to your souls my friends!   Check me out on facebook. 🙂  <3

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